9/11 and JKF: Plot Points to White Genocide

Truth Seeker

by Blue Angel and Don Fox


In multi-dimensional space, consider the relation of points and lines while ignoring other properties. What remains is the Incidence Structure of the Euclidean Plane or the data about which points lie on a line from where the facts emerge.

While 9/11 and JFK discussions prove provocative, we continue without ceasing to seek data points where all other false concepts are removed, leading us to answers. Leading us to the truth.  Without truth, nothing matters.

screen-shot-2016-11-21-at-10-58-23-pm 9/11 Nuclear Pothole

9/11 was a Jewish nuclear terrorist plot perpetrated by the Mossad with assistance from Neocons, the CIA, and other nefarious criminals.  Mastermind David Rockefeller planned and financed the bombing, with Dick Cheney running the Op and Henry Kissinger leading the resultant cover-up.  GW Bush played tiddly-winks, but knew nevertheless.  Nukes brought the WTC Buildings down, grinding thousands of innocent lives into mere dust.  For a complete breakdown, please check Don’s treatise on Rockefeller’s…

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Mom Passed Away December 29, 2014

Karen Kathleen Fox
(November 1, 1939 – December 29, 2014)

Fox, Karen Kathleen, age 75, of Burnsville, passed away on December 29, 2014. Karen is preceded in death by her parents, Albert and Marion Anderson, Brothers, David, Albert, James, and Robert. She is survived by her loving husband, Donald; Children, Donald and Dennis (Lisa) Fox; Sister, Sonja Monson; Brother, Karryl Anderson; and Grandchild, Karthik Prabhakar.

Mom finally lost her 45 year battle with heart failure last week. Mom’s fighting spirit was a huge inspiration to me and everyone who knew her. We will never forget her.

Guest Post: Satanism Built On Moralism

Many of the readers of this blog also follow the goings on over at radiofetzer.blogspot.com. If you keep up with the comment section over there surely you have seen posts from Apsterian. He sent me an essay/outline and I thought it may be of some interest to my readership here so I decided to post it. I don’t post much on these topics so I thought it might be kind of interesting to read about something besides mini-nukes. Here is his essay:

I.  Introduction: Behold The Satanic Grip Upon American And Western Culture, “Decline Of The West,” Truly–What’s Happening? 

Observe the great satanist empire and network which now grips USA in a fatal strangle-hold, the people only gradually, even as we speak, awakening to the horrific facts about their own government working TO KILL THEM, even if only gradually, by slow-kill methods, as by means of now well-documented and DELIBERATELY toxic vaccines, poison fluoride in much of the water supplies, GMO foods and other poisonous food additives, like aspartame and MSG, not to mention secret geo-engineering projects to alter weather, screen the sun, etc., using (aluminum and barium) particulates in “chem-trails” which are poisonous and destroy vegetation, including food crops–and these are aside from further, illegal and un-Constitutional measures which deprive citizens of their rights, especially privacy, and the ability, for example, to heat themselves during the winter by means of taxes and “regulations” applied arbitrarily and lawlessly to coal-fired power plants.

Note it isn’t merely CRIMINAL, but it’s worse–it’s SATANICALLY, positively designed to mass-murder the people, even to programming and persuading the people that it’s good they’re being mass-murdered (especially if it’s “for the earth”)–HOW could this horrific satanism and mass-suicide, much like the infamous Jonestown massacre of Guyana, in 1978 whence people were induced to drinking poison, cyanide-laced “kool-aid,” possibly be taking place?

Is it anything like over-populated lemmings which frantically rush to their deaths?

American troops are sent overseas to mass-murder foreign peoples who’ve not attacked or even threatened USA, and as if this isn’t enough, the troops themselves are exposed to depleted-uranium weapons and munitions which are highly toxic and kill the troops themselves who handle them, causing birth-defects to children later born to them as parents.

Foreigners and aliens, many with criminal records and psychopathologies are actively and deliberately imported, spreading disease among the populace, committing horrific crimes, and nothing is done against these depredations–on the contrary, any who complain are slandered as “racists,” “bigots,” and “domestic terrorists”–HOW does this happen?–the politicians complicit in this murderous treason, along with the mass-corporate “news”-media–all work in diligent collusion and concert against the native citizenry.  The bureaucrats of the “Child Protection” rackets do their dirty-work in legalistically taking children from their families, this all enforced cheerfully by a brutalized and criminal police network which robs and murders the citizens.

Thus we observe, truly, “Decline of the West” by Oswald Spengler, for the systematic break-down of culture, civilization, law, and education–especially for denigration of the very REASON and rationality of the people–HOW does this possibly take place?–how could it even be conceivable to happen?

Thus we observe the self-destruction of those creatures who might have been human, who’ve now lost their humanity as they’ve lost their reason–HOW again could this possibly, conceivably take place?  But it, this horrific, suicidal madness among humanity, isn’t as if there weren’t numerous warnings given–it’s in the Christian Bible, for one thing–see the Book of Revelations.  The following work, “Satanism Built on Moralism,” is exposition upon the present satanist and irrationalist problem and how and what must happen for any possible reversal of events and regeneration of humanity and its proper culture.


II.  Humanity’s Curse: HUBRIS 

So what’s humanity’s greatest curse?–the Greeks teach us it’s HUBRIS, that madness by which one imagines he is God–able to create reality, as with and by means of perfectly free will.  But surely, most practical, common, and well-known form of this hubris is moralism, also known as Pharisaism, sanctimony, or self-righteousness, the delusion to effect one has a perfectly “free” will–like God’s–thus capable of “good-evil.”

Thus the Pharisee or sanctimonious one imagines, in this most common sort of hubris, he’s “good,” engaged in the “good-evil” fallacy, delusion, and heresy–known to Catholic Church, from St. Augustine, as Pelagian heresy.

And thus it’s related in the Bible God commanded Adam and Eve not to eat of the Tree of Knowledge of good and evil, rather tacitly warning of the speciousness of the very idea of non-existent “good-evil,” and which only leads to that fatal hubris and self-righteousness.

Corollary then to this epic problem of hubristic moralism is the metaphysical issue of determinist, absolute cause-effect vs. free will.  For the question is regarding Aristotelian objectivity vs. Platonic subjectivism for the necessary assumption founding one’s subsequent philosophy, logic, and all/any train of thought.

The problem of moralism arises in most practical way as children struggle to understand and are trained upon obedience being “good,” this “good” then rewarded, while non-obedience being “bad”/evil, and punished.  And it takes so long and with much anguish if and when the growing child learns there’s no reason to feel “bad,” lacking for virtue, suffering then “guilt” and “inferiority complex.”  Indeed, it’s actually a perverse effect of this moralism that feeling guilty is encouraged as mark of “moral virtue” as it’s then taken as motive for “improvement” of personality, character, and expiation for such guilt.

And thus we observe as practical matter so many people, surely most, cannot avoid assuming the reality of non-existent “good-evil,” the great curse of humanity, this then manipulated by satanists (most extreme subjectivists who thus make themselves into god) who work to profit from this great, horrific delusion afflicting so many.


III.  How Does Hubris Arise–And What’s Connection Then With Satanism? 

To be sure, there is grounds for what’s known as “morality” or ethics–but it has nothing properly to do w. “good-evil” delusion and absurdity, this putrid “good-evil” Pelagianism for purpose of scaring, intimidating, and extorting children.  Morality then, properly understood, is simply logic btwn ends and means.  Thus whatever the means, it’s properly “moral” as the means are consistent with and don’t detract fm or contradict the ends–which “ends” could theoretically be anything.  And as humans are creatures of will who naturally seek their interest as they can determine, those ends are chosen accordingly however the individual chooses.

But the question is how that great society-wide, collective HUBRIS arises as witnessed in ancient Rome and now in satanic USA.

Thus as a society begins, grows, and prospers in the CYCLIC determinist phases, described so well by Oswald Spengler (“Decline of the West”), we observe the people are, FIRST, generally farmers–like the ancient Romans–and they understand the need for basic HONESTY, hence the implicit objective reality–they have no delusions about “political-correctness,” or idiot “diversity,” or “tolerance” for “gay-rights,” for example.

This moronic “diversity” only comes later on as the culture gains for “prosperity,” but loses for basic honesty–and the reason for this decline for basic cultural values, as of honesty, is the obligatory HUBRIS.  Thus as prosperity seems to increase what accompanies this “prosperity” is hubris, and the people begin to imagine they’re “good” for adopting corruption, “diversity,” and such as “gay-rights”–in a word, the false moralism of “good-evil,” the pretext being that by “choosing” such “good,” they’re asserting “virtue”–as if they’re winning “brownie-pt.s,” but actually only playing-up to the supposed approval of other humans–no less than children seek approval of parents.

Thus in the hubristic society in all it’s “prosperity,” we see the corruption of the people in hubris and moralism, the reversion of the people to child-like seeking of approval.

Further, there’s another element in the sociology of such false “prosperity” as the people degenerate for hubris and moralism–and that’s the people born and generated fm the original founders of the society are now populated with significant numbers of inferiors and weaklings, unlike the originals who had to fight and work most diligently for whatever fruits of production they attempted and achieved–unlike the following degenerates who had it given to them without having to work so hard or fight like the originals.


IV.  The Schizoidal Section Of Population, Institution Of Hubris, Rise Of Satanism 

Thus arises a significant character-type among the following generations from originators, so many of whom are such gross inferiors not otherwise capable of surviving had they been left to fend for themselves as the originals.  These weaklings delude themselves in thinking they’re “moral” and “good,” as noted, but of course, there’s no real criterion for “good” even though the inferiors typically INSIST upon it, so intensively trained and programmed they have come to be.  So these inferiors, who aren’t so bright, insist they’re “good” and virtuous, even though they don’t care for analyzing logically for any real basis for pretended “good” and/or virtue–it’s too complicated, they tell themselves too easily, they lacking that honesty of their forebears.

And with advancing complexity of the civilization, the inferiors are typically taught to believe in and talk about things evermore abstract, losing sight and grasp of the necessary concretes upon which the abstracts are necessarily based–as in the case of “good” which actually is groundless delusion.

Thus arises a significant section of population best called “schizoidal,” as they suffer varying degrees of this afore-mentioned and -described dis-connect fm basic concretes and sense-perception, pretending to abstracts which are evermore questionable for actual, demonstrable reality–perfect example is present-day delusion of “climate-change,” formerly called, “global-warming,” which these poor fools are taught to insist upon even though they can never demonstrate the assertion by means of their own factual investigations, provable by means of their own sense-perception.

No, “climate-change” is “demonstrated” for schizoids by means of what the schizoids are taught and told is “studies” (argument-fm-authority fallacy) these “studies” then most often founded upon what are called, “computer-models” (just more, compounded, and further arg.-fm-authority twaddle) aside from outright lies.

And the observation is schizoids and inferiors are easily “taught” lies, like “climate-change,” especially as long as there’s connection made, only asserted, never required to be proven, w. moralism/Pharisaism–that it’s “good,” for example, to being “environment-friendly”–the “noble lie” of Plato and Leo Strauss.  Thus the schizoidal suckers are brought to believe evermore that they’re “progressive” and “advanced” for their thinking, such as it is, even so corrupted and confused with idiotic moralism, as they accept these moronic lies, like “climate-change.”

So observe then it’s easy to manipulate these schizoids simply by means of asserting moralism, phony as it may be–the schizoids desperately WANT to be thought of as “good” as well as “advanced” and “progressive”–the “liberals.”  So now the question is WHO is it who so willingly, eagerly, and successfully manipulates schizoids, preaching this phony “good-evil” moralism/Pharisaism?–Pharisaics, of course, so who could they be?


V.  The Pharisaics, Foremost Subjectivists Worshipping A War-God 

Thus the Pharisaics arise, these feeding upon the schizoids who lust to believe in moralism and “good-evil,” delusion though it is–for schizoids can’t tell the difference, they only want approval and to be thought-of as “advanced,” “progressive,” and “liberal.”

Thus we observe the rise of Pharisaics who understand the world is so much one of warfare among humans, they, as so many others, worshipping a dread war-God, God of war.  Thus the war-God is made-out to be one who commands the people to OBEY, this for success of the war-effort, and the leaders are authorized to lie, especially for purpose of propaganda–to deceive the enemy, but also, as it develops, it is found necessary and prudent to deceive even one’s own people–and even, as things develop further, ONESELF too–why not?–for VICTORY is what the people want most, and if lies achieve it, then lies are virtuous and worthy of adoption–Talmudism, as denounced by Christ at Gosp JOHN 8:44.

Hence then LIES, especially afore-mentioned “noble” lies, become significant currency of this sub-culture of Pharisaism, and the only “truth,” such as it is, such as it can be understood under circumstances, is WHATEVER top leaders–like the “rabbis”–say it is.  Hence then Pharisaic culture is one of SUBJECTIVISM, founded in that thematice “good-evil” delusion, serving the leaders, all for the purpose of VICTORY, the end-all and be-all, this always as determined/defined by master-minds at the top.

Thus as we note from history, the Greek and Roman civilizations were inevitably infused with Pharisaics, this as the original culture of Greeks and Romans “prospered,” achieved victory, and steadily produced following generations of effete inheritors ripe for the moralism/Pharisaism of “good-evil.”


VI.  Domination Of Satanism, Satanists, Institutionalized Criminality, Central-Banking 

Thus the Pharisaics succeed as the schizoid portion of the population grows and the empire becomes evermore corrupt.  Capstone to the Pharisaic rise is the institution of “central-banking” and the fiat-money system, legalized COUNTERFEITING, as of present US Federal Reserve Bank, the ultimate criminal conspiracy which then controls all the rest of organized crime–and good part of un-organized crime, too.

For by means of this legalized COUNTERFEITING one achieves nearly infinite resource of funding, with ability now to owning everything and everyone, capable of bribing and then extorting everyone and anyone, whoever doesn’t go-along risking being assassinated.

Thus legalized COUNTERFEITING comes to owning/controlling all major corporations, especially the mass “news”-media, public “edjucation,” all politicians, judges, bureaucrats, and especially all established Christian churches, Christianity the last redoubt of cultural integrity, it being originally designed to guard against Jew lies and satanist lying (see Gosp. JOHN, esp. 8:44).

The control given by this central-banking and legalized COUNTERFEITING over the society and minds of such large portion–like the schizoids, including many “Libertarians,” “progressives,” and “liberals”–is such that the controlled, “mainstream-news” can even concoct totally false narratives for staged events, as infamous Sandy Hook “massacre” hoax of late 2012 whence 26 people at a supposed elementary school were allegedly murdered, including 20 small children, designed to create a sensation in minds/emotions of population for purpose of dis-arming the people, making them evermore hostage to the satanic, all-controlling state, the zionist occupation government (ZOG).


VII.  Obvious Counter To Satanism: Christianity–But We Need The REAL Thing 

Surely, the worst, most effective thing done by satanists is to render Christianity corrupted, mis-understood, and mis-represented, this by the strangle-hold of Jews and satanists over establishment Christianity, Judeo-Christians (JCs–see Whtt.org and TruthTellers.org for expo on JCs) now supporting criminal terror-state of Israel, but worst of all, preaching a Jew-friendly and -oriented sort of so-called “Christianity.”

For Christianity properly worships TRUTH above all/any other precept, including “faith,” love, peace, or non-existent good, Christ = TRUTH, the only way to Godly happiness Gosp. JOHN 14:6, also see 8:32 and 18:37-8)–against Jew lies (JOHN 8:44).  Thus Christianity necessarily, even if implicitly, endorses the Aristotelian objective reality, necessary basis/premise for any truth.

Thus Christianity is now mystified and mysticized by JCs and satanic establishment, especially on pretext of false “faith,” this false “faith” understood as “believing” as in “believing” now making it true by the act of “believing”–as if, similar to Judaism, one creates reality (by “believing”) in God-like manner, or God working as one’s slave, making it (what is “believed”) to coming true.  Thus observe Christianity is rendered mere subjectivism–like anti-thematic Judaism–instead of opposing Judaism and subjectivism.

For Christian “faith” only properly means LOYALTY, one being loyal in sentiment to that TRUTH one grasps by intellect.

For never doubt Judaism IS SATANISM, and there’s excellent reason Jews HATE Christianity which worships truth, hence objectivity and reason (reason integral part to Holy Spirit by which to grasping truth)–even though not all Jews are active satanists, like not all Jews are active communists.


VIII.  Christianity: Key To Cultural Revival

Note in objective, determinist (absolute cause-effect, there being no perfectly “free” human will) reality, the dread, but necessary CYCLIC process of Spenglerian cultural “decline,” must run its obligatory course, BUT Christian patriots can prepare for revival, thinking back to that revival, even though too brief, of Roman culture in early fourth century inspired at that time by original Christian revolution of St. Constantine the Great.

For what will surely happen as the present cultural “decline” continues is inevitable falling-out among top masterminds–as may be happening even now–this upon principle of “no honor among thieves,” as the cultural horror steadily compounds, the number of suckers and slaves dwindling, the masterminds evermore nervous for their supply of victims upon whom they parasitize, masterminds suspecting they might be double-crossed and eliminated too.

Thus aside fm “neo-con” Jews of the “right” vs. traditional “leftist” Jews behind United Nations (UN) New World Order (NWO), there are other, more lower-level Jews (who are yet amazingly wealthy, still, compared to gentiles) who actually support “libertarians,” like Jesse Ventura, Ron Paul, and Alex Jones (InfoWars.com), though Jones shamelessly carries water for Jews, emphasizing “good-evil,” and telling other lies, mostly minor, Jones sucking-up to Jews, always knocking Adolf Hitler and the nazis, etc.

Further, remember Jews are vulnerable for their support among gentiles for the JCs who are easily exposed as hereticalists and anti-Christs as they really are.  JCs make up solid 10-12 % of population, at least for certain political issues.


IX.  Satanic Culture And The Big Lies 

Observe 9/11, JFK assassination, and Sandy Hook “massacre” hoax are all examples of BIG-LIEs and the technique thereto.  What is the “big-lie”? (also ck Wikipedia)–it’s a lie which is so outrageous, yet still plausible, that the people faced with it fear to reject the lie as it would suggest and indicate something which is un-acceptable, like the treachery of their leaders.  Note then, the people are induced to FOOLING THEMSELVES.  For example, the idea that US government, or major elements thereof, were involved in perpetrating 9/11 or the JFK assassination is so difficult for accepting, as parents admitting to their children, that the people voluntarily decide to going along with the lie, cowardly, schizoid fools.

The obvious cultural problem then is the larger culture for why and how the big-lie(s) obtain and are up-held by the poor fools.  One interesting irony is that nowadays, polls indicate most people believe the JFK assassination was conspiracy.  But what then is the nature of this larger culture?–it’s moralist/Pharisaist and Jew-friendly, much like the late Roman empire when the people were so easily diverted by means of bread and circuses.

Thus the people are in large state of fear for their lack of understanding–what then, specifically, do they fail to understand sufficiently?–it’s the central-banking enterprise, a criminal conspiracy, esp. for the US Federal Reserve Bank (“Fed”).  Thus people fail to understand money and why it must be commodity, etc., and they’re mystified to think that if Fed really was fraud or criminal, then why does it succeed?–at least so far, for nearly 100 years?

And of course, there are yet other things to be understood–like the fallacy/delusion/heresy of “good-evil” and Pharisaism, the “faith” of believing (vs. simple LOYALTY), the determinist nature (absolute cause-effect) of objectivity vs. a perfectly “free” human will and subjectivism, and necessity of logic beginning w. assumption.

But for the satanic culture, it suffices for the central-banking instrument which achieves absolute power for the master-minds, but which must necessarily, at a certain point, crash utterly (“hyper-inflation”).  So the master-minds work to betray the people, distracting the people in war, etc., as they scheme to set-up absolute dictatorship–and this is what’s happening now, in this day, as US Dollar teeters on verge of collapse.


X.  Satanist Treatment Must Heed CYCLIC Nature Of History 

Observe Satanism will continue to obtain and preside long as their primary (practical) weapon, central-banking (legalized COUNTERFEITING–the Fed) and fiat-money remain and continue to being accepted in exchange for goods and services–and indeed, currency collapse is imminent, and that’s why Christianity must be prepared to capitalize.  For as long as the schizoids, the willing servants and flunkies of satanists, remain confident and smug most everyone else will take that as excuse to remaining docile and intimidated.

Thus ZOG has increased tensions and fear of people by means of the wars in Syria and Ukraine, not to mention the Ebola incursion, deliberately perpetrated by ZOG by which to impose martial law and force toxic vaccinations upon the people, not to mention setting-up concentration camps.  But most of all, ZOG must surely remove the Internet.

Note then the sublime satanic implications: they’re actually willing to sacrifice their front-man, Obama, in order to perpetrate this possible Ebola disaster–and it rather indicates a good deal of disarray among topmost masterminds, with excellent and improving grounds now for them to falling-out–which falling-out is necessary condition, along with currency collapse, for successful cultural revival and success of Christian revolution.

Thus excellent first steps for Christian patriots is to oppose the outright “Judeo-Christian” (JCs) satanic hereticalists who support terror-state of Israel, JCs foremost defenders of Jews, fm the “right,” these JCs making up 10-12 % of population, leading the rest of Christian Jew-friendly (taking money from Jews) schizoids.  There is another portion of Jew-sympathetic population, though smaller, among the “leftists” (who accept “climate-change” lies, for example).

Other steps would be simpler to grasping–secession, nullification, emphasis upon local government and basic individualism.

Bibliographic Essay On Sources, References

Chapter 1, the satanic New world order (NWO) run by anti-Christian Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), Trilateralists, and Bilderbergers are well exposited in numerous books and web-sites, InfoWars.com, TheNewAmerican.com, also JBS.org.

For the info on toxic vaccines, GMO foods, poisonous fluoride, chem-trails, etc., ck InfoWars.com, and use their site search engine, also ck NaturalNews.com.

Chapter 4, for schizoidalism, see “troubled thought” in Wikipedia.com.

Chapter 5, for good expo on Pharisees, see RevisionistReview.blogspot.com, also Come-and-hear.com.

Chapter 6, for best expo on US Federal Reserve legalized COUNTERFEITING, see Mises.org, “Mystery of Banking,” by Murray Rothbard, “The Creature From Jekyll Island,” by G.E. Griffin, also RealityZone.com, also LewRockwell.com. For Libertarianism, see DailyPaul.com

Update: Witnesses Saw People ‘Vaporized’ on 9 11

Ed Ward, MD's Blog: US Tyranny & Treason

Update: Witnesses Saw People ‘Vaporized’ on 9 11
by Ed Ward, MD

Original Article by Zen Gardner http://www.zengardner.com/witnesses-saw-people-vaporized-on-911/

As I revisited this whole nuke thing after all these years and was mulling over the photos of all those singed and bent vehicles, my friend Connie Smith — a long-time 9/11 researcher some of you may know — dropped me a note reminding me of something I’d completely forgotten about: the fascinating case of EMT Patricia Ondrovic.

Connie reminded me of an interview with Ondrovic, published back in October 2001 (and which I’d read circa ‘04). When I expressed an interest to reread it, she dug up a copy and sent it to me (see attached). Ms Ondrovic’s account is truly ‘bizarre’, and a testament to the fact that there were forces at play on 9/11 that modern technology — indeed, mainstream science — simply cannot explain. Please read the attached…

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2012 in review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 11,000 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 18 years to get that many views.

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Concert Review: Van Halen at the Xcel Energy Center

It’s been said that if it doesn’t sweat and it doesn’t smell then it isn’t rock and roll. If that’s true then surely the Van Halen show Saturday night at St. Paul’s Xcel Energy Center qualified as rock and roll. Lead singer David Lee Roth requested that the air conditioning be turned off. Dave is 57 years old and apparently the A/C doesn’t do his aging vocal cords any favors. In fact there is a YouTube video of Dave ranting about the A/C. The high temp Saturday was in the mid 80s and very humid so inside the packed Xcel Center it was a cooker. It was kind of like going to an older relative’s house and they keep the temp up around 80 something.

I think this is the real reason behind the postponement of the shows this summer. Dave and the rest of the band appeared to get along fine on stage so I don’t think in-fighting is the reason. Doing a summer arena tour with no A/C would be a hot mess so I can see why they are postponing the shows. If Dave can’t sing with the A/C on then they might as well go on a hiatus.

Having said all of that a little heat and humidity is not a show stopper. While Dave is not the most gifted singer, nobody goes to a Van Halen show in 2012 expecting vocal perfection. He’s going to forget some words and miss some notes but that’s no reason to get down on the man. Even at 57 he’s still one of the best front men in rock and that’s what he is there for. When you get down to it nobody else has any business singing Unchained, Running with the Devil, Hot for Teacher or any of the other Van Halen classics.

Eddie was brilliant as he usually is save for his 2004 alcohol induced melt down. If you came to the show expecting pick slides, whammy bar dive-bombs, pinch harmonics,  tapping and all sorts of other guitar gymnastics you came to the right place. Alex was also kicking ass on the drums as he usually does. Although his drum solo was 4-5 minutes instead of the usual 10. A pleasant surprise was the rapidly maturing Wolfgang Van Halen on the bass. He held down the bottom end just fine and played tightly with his father and uncle. His background vocals were up to snuff as well. He may not be able to hit the high notes that Michael Anthony did but his singing is just fine. Wolfgang is a strapping young lad whose broad shoulders look capable of holding up the old guys for the foreseeable future.

So the Van Halens played their asses off and Dave sung as good as he is probably capable of at this stage of the game. I had a damn good time rocking out to the VH classics and even the new tunes like “She’s the Woman.” The 64,000 dollar question is can they keep it going? One always wonders if Van Halen is going to implode at any time given how volatile these guys are. But it appears that they have come to realize that if they can’t make this lineup work then they might as well pack it in and go home. Thankfully none of the band members are having health issues, which was also a concern after the announcement last week of the 2nd leg of the tour being postponed.

I would say this to fans that are holding tickets to the postponed shows: I think that these shows WILL be played so don’t push the panic button. Van Halen is worth waiting for so I wouldn’t fret about having my show pushed back a month or two. After seeing last night’s show at the X I’m confident that we have not seen the last of the Mighty Van Halen just yet….  

You can click here to see the set list and Dave’s new public relations video.