2 thoughts on “The New JFK Show #175 Sylvia Duran

  1. Hey Don, I recently listened to your podcasts with William Finck, and earlier this year I heard you on Craz Z Files. Just wanna to tell you that I appreciate your insights and that I wish you had more content. Do you plan on doing anything else content-wise in the near future? Thanks for your time. Take care.

    1. Thanks for the kind words Jeff. I’m glad you find the shows insightful. There are a bunch of older shows here on the blog. I have several interviews with the Crazz Files, Jim Fetzer, Bill Finck, Sofia Smallstorm, Clare Kuehn etc. We break down everything from nuclear physics to the JFK assassination to the murder and replacement of Paul McCartney. We’re working on an End Times update for early 2018 Yahweh willing!

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