The New JFK Show #172: Final word on the mock trial debacle

Brief summary of Jewish involvement in the JFK assassination:

1. JFK lured to Jew run Dallas to raise money from wealthy Jewish Democratic contributors for the 64 election.
2. Jew Sam Bloom changed the motorcade route to maneuver Kennedy into the kill zone on Elm street. Bloom also made sure that the motorcade route was published in the papers.
3. Jew Abe Zapruder filmed Kennedy’s execution. Zapruder’s family would later receive a massive payoff courtesy of Jew Ken Feinberg (he of 9/11 fame) who determined the “fair market value” of the film.
4. Shots were fired from the Jew owned Uranium Mining Company window in the Jew owned Dal-Tex building. The UMC was providing material to Israel’s illicit nuclear weapons program.
5. Jew Lyndon Johnson was sworn in as President on AF1 before JFK’s body was cold.
6. Jew Sam Bloom arranged for Oswald’s public transfer to the County Jail.
7. Jew Jack Ruby (Rubenstein) appeared to execute the patsy in the basement of the DPD on national television.
8. Jew owned media puts out lone gunman cover story.
9. Four Jewish lawyers on the Warren Commission (Ball, Belin, Eisenberg, Redlich) came up with the Single Bullet Theory (The greatest fraud ever perpetrated on the American public).
10. Clay Shaw was the only person ever prosecuted for JFK’s murder. Shaw’s handler was Jew Louis M Bloomfield who was a front man for the Jewish oligarch Bronfman family. This is the Permindex connection.
11. Israel’s illicit nuclear weapons program blossoms under LBJ’s administration. Dimona inspections ceased.
12. USS Liberty incident: LBJ and Israel conspire to attack defenseless US spy ship Liberty. They wanted to blame the attack on Egypt and then nuke Cairo.