Crazz Files Appearance 12/1/2016


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Adam and I discuss Trump’s election and it’s ramifications. Are White Americans finally starting to wake up? There are some signs of life. What’s going to happen when they figure out who was behind WWI, WWII, the JFK assassination and 9/11 etc? The Jews are going to have to answer for their crimes. It’s clear they are not compatible with White Christian society. IT’S TIME TO EXPEL THE PARASITE! Boot the Jews out of the US and make it 110! #deportthejews

2 thoughts on “Crazz Files Appearance 12/1/2016

  1. As always Don exposes the truth in this latest podcast. Never to disappoint, he shines the light on evil Jewry calling out their treachery while appealing to White Americans to stand up and take notice. Listen to this show and when you’re done, listen to his epic piece on End Times with Bill Finck. Be prepared. It’s not for the faint of heart!

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