Jewish Involvement in the JFK Assassination

In the 2nd hour of the show I discuss Jews in prominent roles in the JFK assassination with the guys. Just what were Sam Bloom, Abe Zapruder, Lyndon Johnson, Jack Ruby, Yitzak Rabin and Arlen Specter up to anyway? Tune in and find out! This is one you don’t want to miss folks!

5 thoughts on “Jewish Involvement in the JFK Assassination

  1. This is a great show, w. Fox and the others, but really great info on Jews in Dallas and Texas, the only criticism I’d have is regarding the sources–a brief word could have been given for where so much of this info could be verified. I know there’s at least one book involved, as for the guy (Bloom, I think) who had the route changed to go by the TSBD. Amazing thing that Yitzak Rabin, high-level op, and Prime Minister (later), no less, would be there in Dallas on that day. Jews owned the Dal-Tex bldg. where there were snipers set-up. And of course, the big man, LBJ, infamous crypto-Jew, quarterbacked everything, esp. AFTER the fact when the cover-up and diversionary activity worked soooo brilliantly. Sources are EXTREMELY important, esp. for those of us who want to follow-up and expand upon this outstanding material.

    • Most of the info comes from the late Mike Piper’s book Final Judgment. I’ll get the Power Point posted eventually with the proper citations. Checkout p.19 of the eBook for more info on Sam Bloom and David Weisblat who co-owned the Dal-Tex building:

      “That an assassin quite probably fired on JFK from the Dal-Tex Building is most relevant in the context of an Israeli connection. Co-owned by David Weisblat, a major financial backer of the Israeli lobby’s Anti-Defamation League, Dal-Tex housed, on different floors, a number of firms that utilized the telephone number of Morty Freedman, an attorney, garment manufacturer, and activist in Jewish affairs. Since JFK was working to stop Israel’s nuclear arms program—which received smuggled uranium from U.S. sources—it is notable that one Dal-Tex firm linked to Freedman was the Dallas Uranium & Oil Company. It is also intriguing that one of Freedman’s Dal-Tex business partners was Abe Zapruder, the Jewish dress manufacturer who filmed the assassination and profited immensely. Today there are some who now believe Zapruder had advance knowledge of the assassination.

      Once the accused assassin was in custody, it was—you guessed it—Sam Bloom, who had earlier maneuvered JFK into the kill zone, who pressured Elgin Crull, the city manager, to in turn pressure Dallas Police Chief Jesse Curry into making Oswald accessible to the press and to move him publicly from the Dallas police station to the city jail. Thus, the situation was in place for Jack Ruby to move in for the kill. There are several sources, including Dallas FBI agent James Hosty, who stated Bloom and his backers were the forces behind this. When the police searched Ruby’s home, they found a slip of paper with Bloom’s name, address and telephone number on it.

      So it is that the Dallas myth comes to an end. This will be painful for those who thought the city an anti-Jewish stronghold, ripe for Nazi revolution. Instead, Dallas was actually an outpost for the advancement of the interests of Israel and today it very much remains so. “

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