Nighthawk Down: Another 9/11 Shill Exposes Himself

I was invited to be part of a 9/11 panel discussion on the Granada Forum hosted by Wendy on Revolution Radio on 9/11/15. I did her show a couple of years ago and didn’t have any problems. However this year the owner of Revolution Radio, Night Hawk (Mike Ringley) rudely busted into the show at about the 58 minute mark and started denying nukes. This was the second time he started talking over me and I let him have it. At that point he then pulled the show off of the air. Luckily I recorded it on my laptop and you can listen to the show in its entirety below.

It’s pretty clear that Mr. Nighthawk is just another shill for the Jews who carried out the 9/11 nuclear terrorist attack.

You can download the show here. Or play it using the player below:

23 thoughts on “Nighthawk Down: Another 9/11 Shill Exposes Himself

  1. Satanic Conspiracy Only Needs A Little Specification

    Well comrade, I listened to the whole thing, and it was neat for ur getting it recorded–good work on ur part. And yeah, the boss guy, “night-hawk,” sure was a brainless moron who had nothing of any value to say. Seems like night-hawk was rather drunk and/or on drugs–very embarrassing performance he turned in, for sure. U made honest effort to present the basic facts to found ur case for nukes, but the moron wasn’t having it. At least Judy Wood says there was countervailing evidence, there being no light or heat, the vast amount of paper fm the bldgs never burning, etc.

    Later, near the very end of the two hrs, u did further excellent analysis for the larger cultural-type forces at play, again giving excellent facts to found ur case, and here u met some opposition fm the dumb female who was the REAL “shill,” I thought, talking the same old moronic platitudes about divisiveness regarding race, pretending race was mere exterior appendage, that we’re all the same underneath, etc. Shill attempted the same old equation of the races, including Jews, pretending there are “good” Jews, which doesn’t work. Luckily for her, time ran out for the show.

    Obvious fact is Jews hate white race esp. for the rationalism and Christian culture which contains within distinct anti-semitism, Christ (= TRUTH, Gosp. JOHN 14:6) directly implying the objective reality, necessary basis of such TRUTH, Christ expressing most definitive repudiation of Judaic/Pharisaic subjectivism in general, the “midrash” (interpretation) of original Torah/Mosaic law. See and for best expo on Talmud, basis of Judaism.

    And we’re up against Jew subjectivists at top level of conspiracy, Jews featuring EXTREME subjectivism, thus SATANISM, by which reality is held to be that which issues fm one’s own mentality/consciousness, HUBRIS, and making oneself God, the creator, Jews being notoriously collectivist, hence ORGANIZED and “connected,” thus naturally dominating the more nihilistic, atomized, and individualist subjectivists among gentiles, even though gentiles, at the moment at least, vastly out-number Jews.

    I’ve submitted some serious essays over at indicating Fetzer is losing the way for philosophy, getting mired down and submerged in minutiae, failing to grasp the “big-picture,” the horrific assault of SATANISM (extreme subjectivism), this satanism led by the usual suspects.

    Of course u know there’s ANOTHER outstanding scholar and investigator, Chris Bollyn (see, who fingers the zionists at every conceivable choke-point for the 9/11 hit, operational, investigative, and judicial, not to mention the establishment press being owned by zionists.

    Lately there’s yet another outstanding scholar/investigator who’s come to the fore, her name being Rebekah Roth–ck out u-tube for numerous vids. Rebekah, who has 30 yrs experience as flight-attendant, pt.s out the Flight Termination System remote-controlled the planes, and additionally notes many of the “players” for their zionist connections, and the extremely interesting nature of the so-called “phone-calls” that were made fm the planes–which were utterly and totally impossible, simply for the technologic aspects. Further, Barbara Olson, wife of Ted, the Solicitor General at the time, is JEW, and her dear husband was none-other than the lawyer for Jew spy, Jonathan Pollard. Rebekah pt.s out lots of other interesting details, too.

    Fetzer and others have got to grasp the literal satanist nature of the Jew-led conspiracy against humanity–and note my very simple and practical definition, extreme subjectivism–which satanism is noted by many analysts and commentators on u-tube, esp. in “hip-hop” music and entertainment. Further, note the satanic Supreme ct. arbitrarily legitimizing “gay-marriage”–legislating fm the bench again. Perhaps most of all, note how hitlery Clinton, for example, is not prosecuted for gross security violations of the same sort that ruined the career of Gen. Petraeus, among many others, too, who were horribly persecuted and afflicted w. heavy prison sentences, esp. “whistle-blowers.”

    It’s truly and literally a satanic and anti-human agenda which is being pushed by conspirators, and Fetzer and “truthers” have horribly blown it all for not pt-ing out this simple fact and phenomenon–which doesn’t require rocket-science to observe and verify. Perhaps u might organize a call-in discussion which I’d be more than happy to provide for definite, substantial information and expo–it would be mere expansion and extension of ur brief notes u made on the topic show for this blog, here. Keep up ur great work, as always.

    • Great comments as usual Apollonian.

      1. Nighthawk drunk – I’ve seen comments on the internet that he abuses drugs and alcohol. He may very well have been plastered. That was my first thought as well – why is this guy even on the air? Who wants to listen to this bullshit?

      2. And you are right on the money about that brain dead chick who was rambling on at the end of the show. Everyone is now dumber for having listened to her as well. She made absolutely no sense whatsoever. Actually it was lucky for the listeners that time ran out on the show.

      3. Again you nailed it: how many quotes do we need from Jews to prove how much they hate White people?

      4. I’ve got some issues with Chris Bollyn. He’s attacked me and my friends on numerous occasions over our promotion of the 9/11 Nuclear Demolition Theory. Somebody mentioned that he hasn’t really dug up anything on Jews that wasn’t already out there. His first wife was a Mossad officer and he spends half of his time in Israel. How many 9/11 Truthers spend half of their time in Israel? I’m going to read Roth’s book in the near future. More on her later.

      5. The reason Jews hate Whites is not because we’re so bad it’s because we’re so GOOD! They see us as their only competition to world domination. We build the societies that everyone wants to live in. We invented the wheel, the assembly line, automobile, airplane, computer, telephone – the list goes on and on. Jews are parasites and incapable of building a functional society. Their plan is to blend Whites out of existence then rule over a slave population of Brown people.

      I was thinking about having you on as a guest. I’ll shoot you an email in the next day or two.

      • Note Rebekah Roth has numerous vids out on u-tube; there are shorter ones and longer ones. Of course, Bollyn is weak for the nano-thermite, which may have been used for certain smaller-scale purposes, but couldn’t have brought bldgs. down as happened, but he’s good for noting the zionist presence at all the strategic pt.s of the conspiracy, planning and operation, investigative and obstruction thereof, judicial malfeasance, not to mention the Jews-media and “entertainment” components–dominating every aspect, at every step.

        Note I can be useful as I was philosophy major and can comment on Fetzer’s (and truth movement’s) gross failures (a), and (b) the connection and cultural effects of theology and philosophy, esp. for scientific induction.

      • “Their plan is to blend Whites out of existence then rule over a slave population of Brown people.”

        The way to defeat that is to ensure that the ensuing Brown population isn’t full of idiots and useless eaters.

        I, for one, am working to do just that.

      • Good luck with that. From my experience Black people fall for Jewish propaganda pretty hard. Even harder than Whites if that’s possible. Jews use Blacks to attack Whites. Jews incite Blacks to riot which isn’t all that hard really. Look at all of the Jewish produced rap/hip-hop “music”. It’s full of anti-White lyrics.

        100 White women a day are raped by Black men in the US. Sweden and Germany are seeing the number of rapes skyrocket after they started allowing Africans into their countries We have to find a way to stop this. The long term answer is going to be segregation.

    • Right on – laws cannot be enforced selectively. If HRC broke the law, she needs to be prosecuted.

      There seems to be a paradigm shift occurring. I’m seeing lots of people beginning to cotton to the events of September 11th; of course, we have the MSM working their magic (clock bomb, bin Laden hoaxes, etc.).

      The truth will out.

      • “Portal to Jew power”?–what’s that supposed to mean? Jews are foremost anti-human criminals, taught to them by their Talmud (see, and Jews then organize gentile society as that society becomes decadent and hubristic (subjectivist), the people pretending to Pharisaism and “moral virtue,” is my own theory, following Oswald Spengler’s “Decline of the West.” Jew power is then institutionalized by means of central-banking which is simply legalized COUNTERFEITING, as we see w. present US Federal Reserve Bank and the others, like B. of England, Int. Monetary Fund (IMF), BIS, etc. Jew monsters is what God inflicts upon over-populated gentiles suckers, fools, scum, and morons.

  2. Do you not know what portal means? It’s rather easy to grasp. Jews have used religion as their initial means to power.

    I have read Lorraine Day’s work and she says the same thing as you but she does it with a lot more professionalism. People typically are aware on these sites of what is going on. No need to continue to lecture and rant. Write something new and more profound next time.

    • Well, I went and ck’d Lorraine Day, and she seems to be a doctor who says holohoax was lie and testified for Ernst Zundel.

      Otherwise, “owenmeister,” u don’t seem to have much of any substance to say, do u? And u don’t seem to know much of anything, certainly not in any useful detail. So why should anyone listen to u?

      • Youre a disrupter. What is your educational background? Do you even have one? At least I can write coherently and not make an ass of myself. Your schtick appears to be anyone who disagrees with you is a Jew. I am no Jew and your limited knowledge base and maturity level has been noticed and commented on on another site. When you grow up and are able to articulate your views with civility you might get an audience. Do you notice Duke is able to disagree with people and maintain civility. You can’t/won’t which is reflective on your character. It’s not just content but delivery as well. Learn this and you might get people’s attention in the spirit of cooperation.

      • Well, since I’m anti-semite, and if anyone disagrees, then I’d say there’s good grounds for suspicion that person is Jew or Jew-friendly, right? Ho ho ho ho

        And don’t worry, u’re an ass, without the slightest doubt, making no sense.

        U say I have “limited knowledge base”?–ho ho ho–about what?–everything and anything? Ho ho oh ho

        So there are “comments at another site”?–ho ho ho ho–I’m sure there are comments about lots of people at lots of diff. sites, eh? Ho ho ho ho U really make lots of sense, don’t u? Ho ho hoh oho

        And who, exactly are u, to tell anyone about getting an “audience,” eh? Ho ho ho ho–u’re a barrel of laughs.

        And sure, I notice Dave Duke, so what?–just because u worship Duke doesn’t mean everyone else has to, eh? Ho ho ho ho–u’re a real genius, comrade.

        U know what u need to learn?–ho ho ho–u need to learn that u’re not very useful or informative for anything of substance. U say NOTHING of substance–look at all ur statements given here, this blog. U do very little, in fact, nothing, beyond asserting and asking moronic questions, ho ho ho ho. “Don: Did you know this Mr. Ringley was a stooge prior to going on the show?” Ho oho oho ho ho

        Comrade, u’re a moron, and u have NOTHING to say; u really ought to never have said anything, it seems to me. All u do here is lending urself to much-deserved ridicule, ho ho ho ho ho.

        And u certainly do remind me of a similar dumbass I used to see on another comments page–it was Bro. Nathan’s, right? ho ho ho ho ho–u remind me of the punk who expressed resentment that I commented on “white-supremacist” sites, right? Ho ho ho ho–that idiot talked just like u in ur idiot’s fashion, ho ho ho ho

        But I’m sure u’re not finished lecturing us white people, eh? ho ho hoh oho–by all means continue to tell us all ur stupid crap, fool, ho ho hoh o ho

  3. You’re one disturbed individual. Instead of Don floating you an email to represent a show, he should ban you from this site. You are no represetative of truth and justice and Don is. I can only imagine how much booing and likely ass kicking you would receive for acting in your amazingly puerile manner if you did a presentation in public. Then again, I think you are a genuine gov. stooge hopefully not stealing more than minimum wage from tax payers. If you think you are a Christian, you need to think again. You are about as spiritually ugly as I have seen a person on a blog.

    • Ho ho ho ho–yeah–u’re that same stupid spic that was commenting on Bro. Nathan’s blog, right?–tell us, ho ho ho ho

    • Owenmeister,

      Apollonian CAN be an asshole at times there is no doubt. He’s let me and Fetzer have it quite a few times over the years. However, he has given me some good info on Jews that has checked out. Generally government ops don’t post good info on Jews (Chris Bollyn being the exception). 9/11 and similar research is generally full of assholes (myself included). The reason I’m doing this stuff is I decided that if I’m going to be an asshole I might as well put it to good use and go after the scum that are wrecking society instead of taking it out on the guy in the next cubicle.

      I was watching Monday Night Football a few years ago and Tirico asked Gruden if one of the players had too much baggage to deal with. Gruden said that baggage is a guy that can’t play. The inference being that if a guy can produce on the field the team will put up with it. I put up with people’s baggage in order to get info that I otherwise wouldn’t get.

      Apollonian HAS produced for me so I don’t have a problem putting up with him. Believe me I have come across MUCH bigger assholes than apollonian since I started doing public research. The Judy Wood crew are without a doubt the scummiest of the scum. Those “people” are a complete freak show. Steer clear of Judy, Andrew Johnson, Morgan Reynolds etc.

      • Fetzer’s Gross Failure, Incompetence At Root Of General Cultural “Decline Of West”

        Thanks much, good comrade: us assholes gotta stick together, u know, ho ho ho. My criticisms of Fetzer are quite substantial and precisely founded:

        (a) Fetzer fails to grasp Judaism (Talmudism) for what it really is, SATANISM, pure and simple, extreme subjectivism (see The “Reform” Jews pretend they don’t follow Talmud too closely, but they’re liars, and further, they yet follow their own “midrash” (interpretation) of original Torah law, which midrash Christ rejected and denounced, for which rejection Pharisees killed Christ, which they (a) freely admit, and (b) actually celebrate and gloat over. “Zionism” is not essentially diff. fm the basic Judaism (Talmudism).

        And subjectivism of this extreme sort, as we’re considering and contending w. soooo urgently is a distinct philosophic subject-matter which Fetzer fails to grasp and even apprehend in proper philosophic, rational manner.

        (b) Thus Fetzer fails to induct to the necessary general conspiracy theory encompassing the criminal/satanic network, all of it founded in subjectivism–a simple concept which Fetzer strangely refuses to grasp–what’s his problem?

        (c) Fetzer fails to grasp the genuine Christian culture and distinct philosophy which FOR CENTURIES held this literal satanism and extreme subjectivism in ck, protecting the people and the civilization. Fetzer incompetently and illegitimately FAILS to grasp the implicit OBJECTIVE (Aristotelian) reality and foundation which must underlie Christian worship of TRUTH (= Christ, Gosp. JOHN 14:6). For HOW can there be truth without objective reality as criterion?

        (d) There are serious consequences to this GROSS incompetence on part of pretended “philosopher,” Fetzer, for one thing, fact this hostile and alien satanism makes blatant use of the legalized COUNTERFEITING scam known as central-banking and the US Federal Reserve Bank, this literal COUNTERFEITING being the fundamental criminal enterprise and primary practical weapon of dictatorship and genocide.

        (e) Thus the academic hack, Fetzer, at same time as he recites endless lists of details acts the moralistic GATE-KEEPER, defending the VERY primary culprits, Jews, not just “zionists,” Jews who are collectivists in accord w. their filthy, satanic religion (Talmud), making them the masters among all the subjectivist sub-culture, Jews being most united, organized, and “connected,” even though ostensibly out-numbered by the more numerous gentile subjectivists/satanists.

        (f) Thus Jews continue to prevail and dominate the ever-worsening cultural decadence, these Jew satanists, murderers, and gross criminals actually DEFENDED by this addled, rather senile old hack, Fetzer, pretending to philosophy, intellect, learning, and patriotism. Fetzer is GROSS failure, not mere nuisance, truly effectively a traitor and sell-out to the Western culture and tradition he pretends to knowing all about.

        Fetzer then is actually the very compromised, confused, even contradictory picture of the cultural incompetence, degeneracy, and plain ignorance at root of Western failure, and collapse.

      • Don: I have listened to your podcasts and other shows and you are direct but not meanspirited. You handled Nighthawk with class which you should do in public. It’s not just the science but also the art of 9/11 that people need to focus on. People like David Ray Griffin have been good shephards of the truth not because they speak the truth but in the manner in which they do so.

        Apsterian: I am not Latino but on occasion I like some good corn chips and salsa. One day if the Lord exists, he will spit you out of his mouth and say he never knew you. Why? Because you have no love in you and you are blinded by some serious toxic emotions. Even the Bible which you like to quote when it suits you commands followers of Yeshua to love their enemies.

      • Don: i don’t know if you realize this but this ap threw you under the bus. He asserts that Fetzer is a gate keeper or controlled opposition and yet you have done work with Fetzer. If he was this, then you would not be working with him. He is not wise enough to create an effective cognitive dissonance whether he meant it or not.

        When you get a chance, McKinney former rep. from Georgia demonstrates how to front out disrupters. Don’t be so trusting of this ap. Baiters are usually gov. ops. I will send you a friend request on facebook in the next couple of days. Maybe I can converse with you in a more private setting.

      • Ho ho ho, “owenmeister,” u know, in alllll ur babbling here, in all ur entries, u’ve said absolutely NOTHING of any substance for serious info, and the only thing even approaching is the ref. to Dr. Lorraine Day, the vague ref. being far as u seem able to going. And that’s all u have to say about Fetzer? “Baiters are usually gov. ops.”?–really, but how do u know? And indeed, we see u’ve failed grossly for straight-forward dialectic here, so u may as well attempt more “private” avenues, eh? I thought u told us all that u were Hispanic and brown-skinned over on Bro. Nathan’s pages–u sure have difficulty expressing urself in English, ho ho ho ho.

  4. Most excellent bitch slap on the drunkin douche bucket night hawk Don. It’s a pattern with him. He pulled a drunkin rant on Eva Moores show that had her in tears. I’m still laughing at that moron. My favorite part? It has to be when he said “wanna see my pictures?”

  5. That podcast only had any kind of value because Don Fox was on. The host had the most annoying voice I’ve heard (only matched by Deanna Spingola), and she never apologized to Don for being insulted by the ‘owner’, a drunken ignorant sack of shit. The rest of the guests were oh so apologetic towards ‘nighthawk’ and his mental issues (he’s really just a dick).

    Anyways, just dropping by to say thank you Don! You are one of the few outhere that can connect the dots and explain things clearly. I really appreciate when you are on the crazz files also. Cheers!!

  6. I’m on the fence on him “actively working for Jews”. It sounds more like cognitive dissonance like someone mentioned. He was being presented with a damn good case for nukes and shat his pants quite frankly. Happens to most people who hear about it. I just googled Geiger counter NYC, and found that some legislation was proposed to require permits to own them in NYC. Creepy.

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