The Real Deal Ep # 63 MUST SEE 911 Debate Round 2


This is probably the best nukes vs. nanothermite 9/11 debate you will find on YouTube. Wayne does about a good of a job as anyone could defending the nanothermite theory. His problem (the same as all of the nuke-deniers) is that he has to describe a nuclear event while denying nukes. That contradiction is insurmountable but Wayne puts as good of a spin on it as anyone I’ve seen.

You can download Wayne and Tim’s PowerPoint here: Fetzer_Real_Deal_0601_Final_2

My PowerPoint can be downloaded here: 6-1 Real Deal

The audio mp3 can downloaded here


16 thoughts on “The Real Deal Ep # 63 MUST SEE 911 Debate Round 2

  1. Yes, but the nano-thermite has long been dis-credited and brought into question. Real debate would be btwn Don Fox and nuke theory vs. Judy Wood’s dis-integrator weapon, or directed energy, as modeled by Hutchinson, I understand.

    For we don’t see or record heat or bright flash as of nukes, according to Judy Wood, BUT we do see strange stuff–particles of bldgs. disintegrating and dustifying BEFORE OUR VERY EYES on the vids, the amazing destruction and effects of Bankers’ Trust bldg. HOW could nukes affect Bankers’ Trust w. that heavy rusting/disintegration effect?

    It’s hard to rebut Don Fox’s evidence–but the question is whether that evidence could also be effect of Judy Wood’s theory.

    So Fox’s nuke theory only needs to conclusively exclude Judy Wood’s theory–that’s the real issue, I think, given what I as layman understand things.

    • Judy Wood has no theory so there is no theory to refute. In a nutshell I would say this about Judy Wood: she contends that no explosives were used to destroy the WTC buildings. Somehow the buildings turned to dust more or less in place using free energy technology. All you really need to do is watch 9/11 Eyewitness and listen to the massive explosions before each Tower came down to conclude she is full of it. Thousands of tons of North Tower debris were ejected into the Winter Garden. That proves explosives were used and you can disregard all of this Judy Wood Tesla bullshit.

      • Well yes, un-questionably, Judy Wood says a lot of crap, without a doubt–about her not having “theory,” for sure, and there could easily have been conventional explosives in addition to whatever was the main weapon used.

        But note, Judy does have a model to pt. to, the Hutchison effect material for which there are vids as on u-tube. So I guess her DEW is just a larger version.

      • John Hutchison is a complete fraud and a phony. There is no scientific validity to anything he has done.

        Judy Wood’s mission is the same as Steve Jones, Neils Harrit, Richard Gage, Wayne Coste, Mark Bilk et al – describe a nuclear event while denying nukes.

      • Ok, but like I say, how then would u explain the Bankers Trust bldg.?–and the falling particles dis-integrating (“dustifying”) before our very eyes on the vids. Problem is what the evidence induces to–can the evidence substantiate DEW, per Wood?

      • The Bankers Trust Building was heavily damaged in the nuclear demolition of the South Tower. “Dustification” is Wood’s way to describe buildings that got nuked and vaporized. Chunks of steel that are observed turning to dust were super heated by thermonuclear explosions. The 200 million degree temperature of a thermonuclear explosion breaks down the covalent molecular bonds and material is blasted into very tiny pieces. This is what it means to “get nuked.”

        Judy Wood denies high heat which is complete bullshit. Why were several acres of land heated to 600-2,000 °F for SIX MONTHS after 9/11?

        This mythical Tesla DEW device that Wood talks about only exists in the Public Relations department of the Mossad and CIA. It’s nothing more than a Jewish fable. The Jews are desperately trying to hide the fact that Jews nuked Washington DC and New York on 9/11. They’ll throw any amount of bullshit necessary out there to keep the masses of Goyim ignorant of these basic facts of 9/11.

        Go study nuclear physics and the effects of nuclear bombs. You’ll understand what happened at Ground Zero then.

        Jews and nukes are the two pillars of 9/11 research.

        9/11 Truth = Jews nuked New York and Washington, DC on 9/11.

      • “Why were several acres of land heated to 600-2,000 °F for SIX MONTHS after 9/11?”

        I hrd about that (above quoted) too, but how would nukes cause that?–what would sustain such temp.s for so long a time? After the explosions, the heat and radiation would surely dissipate; there’d be affected particles left, but what then would cause the heat? Wood says that the pyroclastic cloud was reported to being quite, even strangely cool for temperature.

        Isn’t ur theory of several very small-yield nukes actually quite diff. fm the Russian guy’s original theory?

        That Jews are behind things goes without saying–HOW could topmost criminals (Jews, of course) who run US Federal Reserve Bank (legalized) COUNTERFEITING scam not know about what any other criminals are doing, esp. their co-racialists as of Israel?

      • Ok, I ck’d ur blog-article fm 2 1/2 yrs ago, pretty neat. Only thing is I still don’t see how to account for Bankers Trust bldg. Otherwise, u seem to have covered things enough so that Judy has to make a new, more detailed argument. Still not sure why Hutchison is a fraud, though.

  2. All right Thermite and Nuke discussion 😦
    no one with an open mind be leave in the jet fuel theory to day ?
    what so ever the important question who did it!
    To put the blame on others are the greatest sin and it will create instability in the world peace
    and create a Karma that will hurt the whole of humanity (all of us good and bad people)
    this discussion has no meaning what so ever
    take it or leave it.

    if you can’t bring any good news then don’t bring any

    Bob Dylan

      • No you are right somebody don’t see and believe their own eyes. We never believed this lie from day one and it is a very very dark chapter in the US history keep up the good work don thank You.

      • Thank you I doesn’t have spelling on my Phone
        The most mystical about 911 seem to be that no person leaks out or confess
        The whole responsibly lyes at the head and shoulders of the leaders in your country if it comes to court in the future.
        At war it is the generals not the commanded soldier that carries responsibly and theheavy karma.
        Knowledge about United States Nuclear Weapon Explosions, 1945-1992 in Nevada must be widely spread in the US military and allies

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