Boycott Israel!

Israel is an outlaw nuclear terrorist State that must be boycotted. Israel was behind the JFK assassination, the attack on the USS Liberty (a false flag attack that was going to be used as justification to nuke Cairo) and of course the biggest terrorist attack of all time: 9/11. Israel nuked New York and Washington, DC on 9/11 and then blamed the attacks on non-existent Muslim terrorists.

Since Zionist Jews control the “mainstream media,” (and most of the “alternative media”) Hollywood, Wall Street and the government (all branches), all the public can do is protest and boycott. Vote with your dollars folks. Don’t subsidize the genocidal terrorist state of Israel!


From Boycott Israel Today:

Please promote the Boycott of Israeli & those Jewish Products made in Israel or made outside of Israel that directly or indirectly support Israel.

The easiest way to inform people in boycotting Israeli and those Jewish products made in Israel or made outside of Israel that directly or indirectly support Israel is by simply sending out an email to all you email contacts, tweeting, sharing facebook pages, post boycott information on forums and different blogs, send out text/SMS messages to people in your mobile phone book, call people and tell them.

Note:  Jewish companies outside of Israel that do not support Israel by their produce, services or technology are not part of the Boycott.  We, as people of humanity and justice, support Jews against Zionism (few examples below):

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  1. Good stuff, well done!

    Richard D Hall is abcolutely concinved Judy Wood is correct and is adamant no nukes were used on 9-11, no way, evidence precludes it he says. He also says Fetzer and Sofia are both disinfo people.

    Oh well, can’t please all the people all the time…


    • I’d be happy to debate Hall anytime on 9/11. He must be more closely aligned with Judy Wood than I previously thought.

  2. OK I downloaded the Buycott app. After installing it search for the Long live Palestine boycott Israel campaign and join it. I started scanning some bar codes on stuff in the kitchen – that was an eye opener! Shop carefully….

  3. Zionism Not Essentially Different From Judaism

    I strongly urge folks to grasp and understand the basic nature of Judaism which is satanism: For note Jews and Judaism follows Talmud (“midrash”), by definition–ck any authorities on the subject (I recommend and, also “Midrash” then refers to “interpretation,” this following the “oral law” tradition (of the “Elders,” mentioned by Christ in original New Test.) of the Pharisees.

    And satanism is simply the hubris of extreme subjectivism and making oneself God, insisting all reality is merely what one wants it to be–denial of objective reality (Aristotle).

    True, the “Reform” Jews pretend to “criticize” the formal Talmud, but never forget, this “criticism” is itself just more “interpretation.”

    And the pt. is “Zionism” isn’t essentially diff. fm original, basic Talmud of Babylon, the “official” basis/foundation of Judaism, finally written-out by 500 BC–“Zionism” being merely a late or recent “interpretation” in itself, fm 19th cent.

    And remember: basis of Judaism is NOT NOT NOT Torah, but rather Talmud–the “oral law” and “midrash” of the rabbies.

    Thus Judaism is satanism and the polar opposite of Christianity, worship of TRUTH (truth dependent upon the God-given, OBJECTIVE reality) above all/any other tenet (see Gosp. JOHN 14:6); Zionism is not essentially diff. fm basic Judaism/Talmudism.

    Thus Talmud and midrash of “Oral law tradition” purports to guiding Jews according to a collectivist subjectivism which serves Jews for supremacy–“truth” is simply what rabbies say it is which Jews (and everyone else too) are required to follow.

    So I caution folks to note there are no “good” Jews anymore than there are good satanists–one only needs to grasp what Talmud, “midrash,” and Talmudism (subjectivism) are really all about–opposed to Christian TRUTH above all, TRUTH (= Christ), the ONLY way to Godly happiness.

    • Hey, we ARE god’s chosen people. Its just most Jews do not like to admit it, but our god is Lucifer. – Rabbi Abe Finkelstein

      • Christian Vs. Jew Allegory Parallels Basic Philosophic Dichotomy, Aristotle Vs. Plato

        Yes indeed: the rabbies are known to have come-out w. incredible, amazing, satanistic quotes, commandments, rulings and “interpretations.” For example, they hold that God himself consults the Talmud and reads and studies it–that God only exists for purpose of having created his most precious Jews; that God is hopelessly in love w. his precious Jews (as in “Song of Songs”) and will do anything for them, placing Jews above all others, who are mere cattle (“goyim”) compared to Jews, whom Jews are entitled to kill whenever it benefits them–indeed, are COMMANDED to kill (as in Cabala, fm their devilish “Zohar”).

        Note again: “truth” for Jews is always subjective, mere matter of what rabbies and Talmud say, this always for the “good” of Jews–in practice, for the topmost masterminds, even the lower-level Jews to be sold-out if and when necessary. Thus holiest holiday for Christians is Easter, the resurrection of TRUTH (= Christ, Gosp. JOHN 14:6) which cannot be killed.

        Thus note the parallel for philosophic analysis, Christian vs. Jew; truth vs. lies, following Aristotelian objectivity (“immanence”) vs. Platonic subjectivism (“transcendence”). Christian truth depends upon the objective (hence “God-given”) reality serving as criterion for such truth.

      • Below quotes found at

        “Jews don’t read the Bible literally. We read it through the lens of generations of interpretations and acknowledge the evolution of human understanding of God. The Talmudic image of God is vastly different from the image of God presented in the Bible.”

        — Rabbi Laura Geller, Senior Rabbi, Temple Emanuel of Beverly Hills, California

        Huffington Post | April 2, 2011


        “Kabbalah is the soul of the Torah. The Bible and the Talmud are the laws and the history. Kabbalah is the soul that vivifies history and gives life meaning.”

        –Rabbi Aaron Raskin, Congregation B’nai Avraham, Brooklyn Heights, N.Y
        Ventura County Star | May 9, 2011

  4. Parabéns Senador Donald Fox pelo incentivo na luta do boicote ao estado terrorista de Israel.

  5. Don, thanks for response on the Real Deal piece, sorry that i did not manage to reply before the comments were closed. 911 Eyewitness may be the most important 911 film that has been made,no doubt about it, The more corroboration the better and the reason the Naudet brothers clip is helpful is that it contains MASSIVE BLASTS the fellow on the other side of the real Deal debate claimed that massive blasts were not heard and used that sincere but incorrect assertion to argue against the Nuclear hypothesis.
    I feel awful for whin9ing about the size of a free podcast, hope you keep doing the show at whatever size. Thanks. Oh and I totally ripped this piece off too, though I wrote my own words and took a slightly different tack, I straight out “borrowed” the title and some of the artwork.

    • James you’re one of my most loyal followers – feel free to rip me off anytime – especially when it comes to boycotting Israel!

      Wayne Coste is grasping at straws trying to deny nukes on 9/11. I’m going to dismantle Wayne and Tim on Monday’s show with Fetzer.

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