The Real Deal Ep # 34 Don Fox and the Nuclear Evidence

I was on Jim Fetzer’s show The Real Deal March 23, 2015. Here is the YouTube video:


The PowerPoint is here. You will need the free PowerPoint viewer to view the presentation if you do not have PowerPoint installed on your computer.

3 thoughts on “The Real Deal Ep # 34 Don Fox and the Nuclear Evidence

  1. Facts, Whatever They Are, Are NOT Friendly To Jews–No Wonder They Hate Truth

    By golly, but that was interesting expo u presented, and I’m impressed w. the confidence u have for ur account, u considering ur case is quite substantial for ur evidence–and for all I know it does seem formidable, indeed, me being mere hist. major.

    And I see how u say ur evidence fits the nuke theory much better than Judy Wood’s DEW–BUT, can u decisively rule-out her conclusion (which she insists is NOT “theory”)?

    Note Judy Wood brings up the interesting case of Bankers Trust bldg. which had to be dis-mantled even after they’d gone to great effort to repair it–she, of course, indicates this is good evidence for DEW.

    So I guess my conclusion is Judy Wood needs to rebut ur excellent observations, which would seem to be as good as hers for ur respective conclusions. I think Wood would make serious scientific mistake to ridicule or deny ur evidence. Wood says the “heat” was just glowing.

    I remember Wood showing the vid and pt-ing out the debris as it fell leaving a heavy dust-trail and finally disappearing altogether as it neared the ground–and there were the pictures of beams first visible and still standing up, but then quickly dis-integrating into nothing, as she records and displays in her book.

    One has to respect ur scientific presentation and organization of the details and facts as quite substantial and compelling no less than Wood’s. U both do most crushing job refuting the nano-thermite theory of the A & E people.

    I think given all the (inductive) evidence we have, Jews and MOSSAD must PROVE they should not be suspects number one, the evidence discussed by u and Wood merely provide the HOW it was all done. Don’t forget Chris Bollyn’s arguments (–aside fm the nano-thermite nonsense–which generates tremendous case against Jews, neo-cons, and Zionists, placing them at every strategic pt. of all possible plots.

    Thus there seem to be at least two and perhaps 3 factions of Jews–(a) the truly blood-thirsty and ruthless “leftists” who are serious about genocide in favor of “green” environmentalism; (b) the “neo-con” “rightists” who want to preserve goyim to keep them as slaves, and (c) the lower-level, more middle-class sort (who are still extremely wealthy, comparatively) who back Ron Paul, Jesse Ventura, and Alex Jones.

    Most vulnerable and dangerous are surely the “leftists” Jews who are pushing GMOs, toxic vaccines, and the glyphosate poisonous weed-killers, etc.–they’re surely behind the up-coming “Jade Helm” drills for martial-law, and removal of free I-net.

    To me, fact that Rand Paul sucks-up so abjectly, as we see, to the Jews for their money only proves the fact we’re TOTALLY captives of these Jews, and our ONLY hope is they now falling-out w. one-another, there being “no honor among thieves.” Idea that “Vatican” and Jesuits control Jews is just such a putrid, moronic joke–though they (Jesuits, et al.) are truly corrupt as any Jews–Jesuits still don’t control banking and possess nukes.

    Fetzer’s problem is he thinks there are “good” Jews–like there are “good” Talmudists (“good” satanists), wherein such Talmud they gloat over having killed Christ.

    Thanks tremendously for all ur effort of presentation of facts leading to conclusion, which conclusion is inductive, hence a “theory” (abstraction) by definition–all one needs do is to ck dictionary; Judy Wood, and everyone, must acknowledge the virtue and substance of ur arguments and facts–AND ur theory.

  2. Don, I enjoyed the show but at one point a consensus seemed to emerge that there were not large blasts at the time of the WTC demolitions. This is simply not the case so that entire area of discussion was anchored in a fallacy.
    This is a thirty second excerpt from the Naudet brothers film September 11Inside the North Tower, at the time the South Tower is destroyed a low rumbling can be heard followed by a series of massive blasts that max out the mic on the video camera making the film.
    911: Massive Blasts Audible Inside North Tower as South Tower is Destroyed

    A series of large blasts can also be heard at the time that the “first plane” incident took place
    911: Three Audiotapes Indicate Bomb Before Plane .

    Much of the audio appears to have been edited to remove the obvious sounds of the blasts.
    Another thing that I wanted to mention was that there are numerous videos that indicate the ground shaking approximately 12 seconds prior to the beginning of the demolition of the North tower, this tends to point towards a large underground detonation at around that time and a blast wave that takes around twelve seconds to propagate and reach the top of the building. Glad you have continued with the radio show. 200mb is far too large for a two hour show in my opinion, it should be 50 at most but thanks anyway.

    • First let me say I agree with you that 200 MB files are too big for a 2 hour podcast. I will talk to my producer. He has had some computer issues so I’m cutting him some slack.

      The massive explosions I’m talking about are clearly demonstrated in 9/11 Eyewitness. The massive explosions took out the Tower’s foundations and created a hole to drop the debris into. Check out this clip from 9/11 Eyewitness:

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