New Radio Show Starts Today!

I am pleased to announce that my new radio show starts today on Veterans Today I will be doing a weekly show from 4-6 pm Central Time (5-7 Eastern) on Sunday afternoons. Rusty Banks and Gary King will be riding shotgun. We’re going to address the most critical issues facing the United States today. We’ll have some fun but if you’re not careful you just might learn something!

8 thoughts on “New Radio Show Starts Today!

  1. Well, I clk’d on ur high-lighted, and I looked, ck-ing at “archives,” but couldn’t find anything w. “Don Fox,” only could see Stew Webb. I see there’s lots of stuff at “videos”–do u think u’ll be there (videos)? Be sure to give more definite URL for ur show. Thanks much. A.

      • Dos attack?–shows they’re scared of u, buddy, ho ho ho–too much truth for those satanist scum.

  2. on, I really enjoyed the first show, grim though your conversation with Harrit was in many ways , it was also gripping, I cannot find a way to listen or download show no.2 and this is very disappointing. Something is blocking everything over there at VT radio, cannot listen or download, so was gonna plead with you to put it here or on Youtube or anywhere, thanks for your work and I loved hearing Electric Eye and Drop Dead Legs, a great song i had almost forgotten.

    • I’ve gotten some other reports of people not being able to play or download the show. It worked for me earlier this afternoon. I’ll upload it here either later tonight or tomorrow. is a new network and we’re getting the kinks worked out. Stew and Chip really bust ass to get things fixed. But don’t think for a minute that we’re not under heavy DoS attacks!

      The Neils Harrit “debate” was a conference call but we were the headliners. This is the 9/11 trenches: slugging it out with a bunch of shills. As the call went on you could really hear the desperation in Harrit. He knows that people are starting to see past the nanothermite fig leaf.

      I’m glad you like the Priest and Van Halen! Electric Eye is just a perfect opening number. It’s one of Glenn’s best solos right behind Painkiller and Beyond the Realms of Death. Electric Eye really sets the mood to kick that NWO ass! Drop Dead Legs has an awesome Eddie outro solo which makes for a great note to end the show on.

      Priest and VH are my two favorite bands so expect heavy doses of them in the future.

  3. Don sorry for rude typo just leaving that comment was a nightmare that saw me copy the comment numerous times in order not to have to write it again and I cut the first letter off sorry.

    • There has been a shake up over at VT. The show will be on hiatus for a bit but rest assured we will be back in the very near future. I may do a podcast or two in the interim so stay tuned! Thanks for listening!!

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