2 thoughts on “The New JFK Show # 49 Don Fox on Permindex

  1. Fools Must Face: Tragedy Of JFK Is That Of USA And Us, Too

    This was great run-down for details on Clay Shaw, how he was pure CIA and even OSS before that, and further, on the Permindex maze including the MOSSAD banks and arms dealers.

    And I did indeed read Piper’s “Final Judgment.” Only thing I’d like to nail down a little better now is the exact relation of JJ Angleton, chief of counter-intelligence w. Israel. Poor JFK, the sap, he didn’t even BEGIN to realizing how tough were the odds he was up against, daring to cross the kikes, those snakes, who had total control of legalized COUNTERFEITING, called “banking.” No one in the Church, like JFK’s buddies, Cardinals Spellman and Cushing, would clue him in about treacherous, all-powerful Jews.

    Now, especially w. Judy Vary Baker’s work, fact people can’t get wise to the obvious truth reflects sadly. Poor, stupid scum, and fools die, truly.

    What’s FATAL cultural flaw?–well, (a) we’re in Spenglerian “Decline of the West,” the people corrupt and filled w. HUBRIS; (b) they imagining Christianity is mere variation/version of Judaism, not absolute opposite; (c) knowing NOTHING about the murderous, treacherous Talmud, foundation of Judaism, not Old Test., and that, in fact, (d) Judaism is Satanism (subjectivism)–(e) REFUSING to face-up to reality, pretending they can wish reality into existence, as Jews teach.

    • Look for more material on Jew Angleton in future shows. We are also digging up some dirt on Henry Kissinger among others.

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