4 thoughts on “Revolution Radio Appearance 9/6/13

  1. I will definitely make plans to listen and I know that it is going to be difficult to get in with a question so I would like to ask it now and maybe you can comment on the show.
    1) It looks like a continuous collapse on WTC1 and WTC2. Is it just one bomb? If multiple bombs (explosions), how would they know what interval to set to make it appear so uniform?
    2) My idea is that they start off with conventional explosives all around the perimeter of the floor above the upper elevator lobby (79?) (it’s on the films) and then start the NUKE/NUKES. Do you think that is correct?

  2. There were multiple mini-nukes in the core columns. That’s what the mini-nukes were there for – to take out the core columns. The conventional charges were used on the outer parts of building as you observed. I think those did go off first. Once the nukes start going off it’s hard to tell exactly what is going on as the buildings just get obliterated.

  3. Hello Mr. Fox,
    I have been investigating 911 since 2004. I continue to be amazed at all of the material available. I recently came across Veterans Today and find it to be a good source. This is where I came across your work. So it appears we have the official theory, the nano thermite theory, the Dr. Woods theory, the large nuke theory and mini nuke theory. All supporters of their theories defending theirs.
    Here is a thought, with our corrupt government and media all of theories are not as important as we may think. I suggest that we have someone say Mr. Duff or other with connections approach, say Mr. Putin or other leader of a country that would benefit from the U.S. and Israel being exposed as the criminals behind 911.
    Ask for the funding necessary to rebuild Tower 1 from bedrock right up to the antenna using the original blueprints to the exact specifications. Furnish it as it was on 911 have it fully operational fit it with crash test dummies to the closest known locations of the victims. Have all of this done with video and written documentation at all phases by the U.S. representatives and 911 truth representatives. Have the necessary detection equipment present to assure no DEW weapons or other weapons are present. Have the tower wired with video equipment extensively at all important locations, crash site, basement, roof, elevators etc. Using the exact aircraft fueled as it was and flown at the exact speed, angle, etc. with crash test dummies, video equipment, black box, etc. into the tower and let the world see this televised. If the pilots for 911 truth are correct the aircraft will break apart before reaching the speed that was recorded before hitting the tower. If this is the case part 1 of the demonstration will be complete. To satisfy the remaining skeptics have a custom structurally reinforced aircraft of the same model as flight #11 to obtain the speed needed to replicate the crash into tower 1. If the tower collapses as it did on 911 the official theory must be observed. America and Israel are granted the right to wreak havoc on the Muslim world as they wish. Although if the tower experiences some damage, fire burns out and no collapse occurs, the U.S. must grant a new thorough subpoena powered investigation and hearing so all guilty parties are punished. The U.S. must completely rebuild Iraq, Afghan, Libya, etc. pay trillions in damages to all parties who suffered. Israel if found complicit must be be completely removed as a State all land to be returned to Palestine. Removal of all nuclear facilities, etc. If this is not done
    911 will go the way of JFK, 50 to 100 years from now the major majority will know the truth but the history books will retain the” original myth, Phillip Z.”
    Would love to hear from you,
    Michael Bowen
    Ticino, Switzerland

    • I like your idea of rebuilding a Twin Tower and attempting to fly a plane into it. I’ve long wished someone would do it but I don’t see it ever happening. There never will be a real government investigation into 9/11. Fortunately we’ve got hard scientific data that 9/11 was a nuclear event and plenty of evidence of Israel’s involvement. We don’t need to build another building and try to destroy it to prove that the Official Conspiracy Theory is a load of bullshit.

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