Update: Witnesses Saw People ‘Vaporized’ on 9 11

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Update: Witnesses Saw People ‘Vaporized’ on 9 11
by Ed Ward, MD

Original Article by Zen Gardner http://www.zengardner.com/witnesses-saw-people-vaporized-on-911/

As I revisited this whole nuke thing after all these years and was mulling over the photos of all those singed and bent vehicles, my friend Connie Smith — a long-time 9/11 researcher some of you may know — dropped me a note reminding me of something I’d completely forgotten about: the fascinating case of EMT Patricia Ondrovic.

Connie reminded me of an interview with Ondrovic, published back in October 2001 (and which I’d read circa ‘04). When I expressed an interest to reread it, she dug up a copy and sent it to me (see attached). Ms Ondrovic’s account is truly ‘bizarre’, and a testament to the fact that there were forces at play on 9/11 that modern technology — indeed, mainstream science — simply cannot explain. Please read the attached…

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Miraculous ‘Unexploded’ Active Super Thermite Burns at 430? Professor, PhD, Steven E Jones’ Search for ‘Truth’

Ed Ward, MD's Blog: US Tyranny & Treason

Miraculous ‘Unexploded’ Active Super Thermite Burns at 430? Professor, Steven E Jones, PhD’ Search for ‘Truth’dydimoi-pyrgoi-5702 http://www.koolnews.gr/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/dydimoi-pyrgoi-5702.jpg

Jones’ miraculous, super-duper, double top secret nanothermite burns at 430 C according to his research. There is no doubt high explosives will burn. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bO5mMhEGIiM But, if they burn, they can’t be around later to explode. Unless or course its magical, miraculous, ‘matter’, then, and only then, can it burn and then be around later to explode. An inhaled lit cigarette produces 400 to 780 C. A match burns at 600 to 800 C. http://www.derose.net/steve/resources/engtables/flametemp.html

But, in the above pictured fireball, that according to NIST was hot enough to weaken steel, miraculous thermite didn’t burn at 430 C, nor even at the temperatures of the fireball.

According to Jones and and his disinformation cronies, thermite waited an hour to suddenly react explosively, and even then, not all of the coatings of the steel beams…

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Christopher Bollyn: Just Another 9/11 Gatekeeper?

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Bollyn has been promoting the Steve Jones nanothermite theory of the destruction of the WTC buildings for several years now. The World Trade Center buildings exploded so that rules out nanothermite as a cause for the destruction because NANOTHERMITE IS NOT EXPLOSIVE! Jim Fetzer and T. Mark Hightower thoroughly debunked nanothermite two years ago in their article on Veterans Today “Is “9/11 Truth” Based Upon a False Theory?” The Wikipedia definition of thermite is “Thermite is a pyrotechnic composition of metal powder fuel and metal oxide. When ignited by heat, thermite undergoes an exothermic oxidation-reduction reaction. Most varieties are not explosive but can create brief bursts of high temperature in a small area. Its form of action is similar to that of other fuel-oxidizer mixtures, such as black powder. Thermites have diverse compositions. Fuels include aluminum, magnesium, titanium, zinc, silicon, and boron. Aluminum is common because of its high boiling point. Oxidizers include boron(III) oxide, silicon(IV) oxide, chromium(III) oxide, manganese(IV) oxide, iron(III) oxide, iron(II,III) oxide, copper(II) oxide, and lead(II,IV) oxide.” Thermite is a pyrotechnic NOT an explosive. Here is a YouTube clip of thermite in action:

Any serious 9/11 researcher should have dropped the nanothermite business a long time ago. The highest explosive velocity attributed to nanothermite is 895 meters per second (mps). In order to explode concrete a detonation velocity of 3,200 mps is required and 6,100 mps to explode steel. It is just PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE THAT NANOTHERMITE CAUSED THE WTC DESTRUCTION! Could it have played some minor role? Perhaps but it cannot explain the massive destruction witnessed on 9/11.

The Winter Garden: Where the Nanothermite and DEWs Theories Go to DieWinter Garden

Debris from the North Tower was ejected over 600 feet and destroyed the Winter Garden Atrium. The Winter Garden is sandwiched between WFC 2 and 3. High powered explosives were required to eject debris that far out and since nanothermite is not an explosive it cannot explain the destruction of the Winter Garden. Judy Wood’s DEW non-theory posits that the buildings turned to dust more or less in place. She can’t explain how massive amounts of debris are ejected this far out. The Winter Garden is really the end of the line for any theory besides mini-nukes. Atriumdestroyed1 Bollyn appears to be aware of these facts as he links to our Mystery Solved and Mini-Neutron Bomb articles in his hit piece on Jeff Prager on his blog. There is no rational defense for the nanothermite theory in 2013. 9/11 research has progressed well beyond that woefully inadequate theory. So is Bollyn an honest 9/11 researcher or is he a covert operator attack dog working for the Steve Jones crew? Bollyn and Jones never address the evidence for nuclear fission that Prager presents in the USGS dust samples. Instead they offer up flimsy defenses of nanothermite and attack the messenger. It certainly appears that Bollyn is more of an attack dog than an honest researcher.