Open Letter to Pete Santilli: Shove It Up Your Ass

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Here is a post from Pete on Jim Fetzer’s review of Judy Wood’s book:

Peter Santilli says:

“Who do you work for? Obviously you are not the sharpest knife in the drawer, because you are very unaware of your surroundings. You should be petrified of what I am about to expose about Fetzer’s treason against the USA.

If you call me a fraud, you will need to back it up with evidence…..quit treating me like your hap-hazard, bogus 9-11 investigation. I will hold you accountable for evidence you’re spewing about me as I will on your 9-11 fraud.

I heard you & jabba-the-hut claimed I am not a certified crime scene investigator. If I wanted to waste my time to counter every inaccurate statement about me, I would make you both look as incompetent in your investigation of my background as you are with presenting 9-11 evidence. NO WONDER WHY YOU HAVE ME ON YOUR ARSES. You guys are a mess when it comes to presenting facts, and just because you lie with a smooth tone & confidence, it doesn’t make you credible as a con-artist.

The burden of proof is on you. I am focused on EVIDENCE on 9-11, as well as EVIDENCE about James Fetzer (Jabba the hut). You and Jabba focus on attacking….except you picked the wrong person to attack. Of all the inaccuracies you have presented to the public, I would give you & Fetzer 1 trillion dollars for every negative; PSY-OP style statement about my background. You guys are about as far off the mark on my background as you are on 9-11 evidence. Tell Fetzer, if my background was able to withstand Coca-Cola’s background check by their HUGE legal team (I’m absolutely untouchable—CLEAN) his attacks are a piece of cake. I prosecuted as the lead plaintiff & former executive for Coca-Cola a $200 million class action lawsuit….tell him I’m about to spend every dime of my confidential settlement to make sure he goes to a concentration camp in shackles; if he doesn’t die of a stroke from the pressure of his outting.

When you attack me, I laugh. I will respond to your attacks in a way that will make you wish you knew that I am the one person you never should have messed with.

Tell Fetzer I was informed that he said I was FiRED from Coke…and no; I was not a driver (Same style fact finding with my background as his 9-11 fraud, but confident delivery doesn’t cover up the lies; especially when I am on his arse)….I was fired because I refused to take their hush money when I discovered they were stealing $200,000-400,000 MONTHLY IN OVERTIME WAGES FROM HOURLY EMPLOYEES. They fired me, and guess what……they are STILL paying out to this day. They absolutely regret ever messing with me, because when I set my sites on the big fat prize: exposing truth: I can never be stopped. Unlike all of Fetzer’s fraudulent 911 assertions, all of these facts are on the public record in the court system.

My goal is to make sure you all have the same regret that Coke did. and BTW…spend your time elsewhere if you want to find anything factual about me or the Coke case….they spent MILLIONS scrubbing; covering up their deeds and settling with me. Nothing is in the public domain, but I will say this:

Don’t make the same mistake Coke did & when you start believing your lies; that’s when I have you. This thread is something you should use as confirmation of everything I have been saying….and this thread is the beginning of one of the most horrifying experiences in your entire life if you chose to continue in my path…..make the right choice, because this will be the moment you look back upon to say “DANG, I should have backed off when I had the chance”

If you want to be so creative in making stuff up about 9-11 & my background, use some creativity & ~pretend~ that you know what I am about to do on behalf of the American public…just pretend and spare yourself the agony of making the wrong choice (as Coca-Cola did)

Here’s what I did with them. First I told them about “truck of truth”; then I showed them the truck of truth; then I told them they were about to get run over by The truck of truth…it’s part of my ethical code of conduct……they ignored my ethical standards & thought I was bluffing. I finally GAVE them The truck of truth, and brought them to their knees & they are regretting their fatal business error to this day.

Fetzer and Fox:

This….as a means of “Telling you about the truck of truth”……. is your final warning: What I am about to do will bring you to your 9-11/PSY-OP knees, and the truck of truth cannot be stopped if you tried.”

Obviously Mr. Santilli has a greatly exaggerated opinion of himself. He barely knows the first thing about 9/11 and can hardly carry on an intelligent conversation on the subject. I could care less about his dealings with Coke or the rest of his background. He’s on my radar because he is the newest addition to the Judy Wood cult. Judy Wood is a known 9/11 disinfo agent. She denies that nukes were used to destroy the WTC buildings. She stands in front of a video of the North Tower being nuked and a mushroom cloud rising and tries to convince everyone that the building is “turning into dust” as the result of “directed free-energy technology.” Judy Wood has no credibility to discuss the destruction of the WTC buildings. Pete Santilli has even less credibility than Judy Wood if that is possible.

Pete you have no “truck of truth.” There is no truth in you. You are an obnoxious attack dog blowhard shilling for Judy Wood. It won’t take long for your audience to figure out you’re a complete fraud and a shill. In fact Hatrick Penry has already exposed you:

We’re not intimidated by your bully tactics or lunatic Judy Wood cult BS. Shove it up your ass!

2 thoughts on “Open Letter to Pete Santilli: Shove It Up Your Ass

  1. Pete Santilli, Morgan Reynolds, Richard Hall, Judy Wood, Dallas Goldbug, and the rest of you government funded psy-spies, you know who you are, go F- yourselves.
    I cant believe people dont see right through these morons, they are soo fake in everything they do, just look at and listen to Santilly, Wood … I mean, how phony and fake do you have to be to be recognised as the imposter you are? They dont even try anymore ti be serious. Santilli just said he (“We” in his words, hoever “we” might be lol) would give Morgan Reynolds the presidential medal of something, I men come on, its right in your freaking face!
    Judy Wood goes on elaborating on how she cant be a government spy because of some legal technicallity, REALLY? REALLY? She is in essence saying that she cant be a spy because that would be illegal, and blowing upp WTC wasnt? Give us a break, this is so ridiculous.
    Im, done, must go get my beautysleep.

  2. Hi,

    I was the guy “banned ” after announcing my intention to leave the Scumtilli chatroom, due to the fact that my postings were being altered with Scumtilli’s inserted anti Alex Jones rhetoric.

    Here is link to a summary of my adventures in Scuntilli land, recently “published” And thats another story for another day.


    aka Cap-Z-ro

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