Dr. Judy Wood: 9/11 Gatekeeper Extraordinaire

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Abstract: Dr. Judy Wood steadfastly denies that bombs were used in the destruction of the WTC buildings. Indeed Wood attempts to eliminate ALL of the prominent theories of the WTC destruction including nuclear bombs, nanothermite and controlled demolition. While she claims not to have a theory she clearly attempts to persuade readers that directed free-energy technology was used to destroy the WTC buildings. After closely examining what she says in interviews and presentations and what she writes it has become clear that she is a 9/11 gatekeeper. I don’t have a paystub with her name on it from Langley to confirm this, but it is still reasonable to conclude that, if Judy Wood is not an operative or a “shill,” she acts as if she were one. If she is not getting a paycheck from Langley, she should be!

And, as Jim Fetzer and I have previously observed, Wood and her followers have the
characteristics that define a pseudo-scientific cult that claims to possess
privileged knowledge of 9/11, where they treat her book as though it were a
sacred text and refuse to engage in an open, scientific exchange about it’s
merits, which has become all too apparent from the discussion thread of the
Fetzer review on amazon.com.

For the record here is her bio from the script that her cult works from: “Dr. Judy Wood earned a Ph.D. Degree from Virginia Tech and is a former professor of mechanical engineering. She has research expertise in experimental stress analysis, structural mechanics, deformation analysis, materials characterization and materials engineering science. Her research has involved testing materials, including complex-material systems, in the area of photomechanics, or the use of optical and image-analysis methods to determine physical properties of materials and measure how materials respond to forces placed on them. Her area of expertise involves interferometry.”

Whatever Judy Wood is, she is NOT a 9/11 Truther. She makes that clear. As their script says “The truth does not depend on who supports it. Truth is not a club or a matter of “opinion” or “belief”. Neither is truth a political or economic objective. Truth doesn’t have sides. The truth is singular and the truth is unifying. By reading Dr. Wood’s research and collection of evidence as compiled in her textbook the truth is known, so there is no need to “Re-investigate 9/11”. If you want unity, then seek the truth by reading her textbook.”

On January 5th, 2013 Pete Santilli interviewed Jim Fetzer about the events of 9/11. It appears that Santilli was trying to work himself into a lather and confront Fetzer about his suppressing Judy Wood’s “evidence.” Although what Judy Wood presents in her book Where Did the Towers Go? Evidence of Directed Free-Energy Technology on 9/11 cannot be classified as evidence.

As Ben Collet so adroitly points out in the discussion thread of Fetzer’s review of Wood’s book on Amazon.com: “In fact nothing in Dr. Wood’s book is evidence. They are facts, but they are not evidence. As Dr. Fetzer explained, facts are only evidence if they contribute to showing the truth or falsity of a theory or hypothesis. Since Dr. Wood says she has no theory or hypothesis, therefore, by definition, she has no evidence. So either stop claiming the book contains evidence, or else tell us what definition of the word “evidence” you are using – because it’s not the one used by everyone else.”

Hurricane Erin: Irrelevant to the Events of 9/11

The first item on Santilli’s script was hurricane Erin. However Wood never explains to us how Erin is relevant to the events of 9/11.

On drjudywood.com Andrew Johnson states: “One of the most striking pieces of the data presented is that from a set of magnetometers monitored by the University of Alaska. Several instruments show significant deviations from “background” or “normal” readings as the events of 9/11 were unfolding. A further selection of this data is presented in relation to variations during the hurricane seasons of 2001, 2004 and 2005. A later part of the study examines some of the data relating to patterns of earthquakes in 2008 and possibly associated unusual weather patterns, which may be related to secret or partially disclosed environmental modification technology (such as HAARP). However, the study does not establish any clear links between HAARP and the events in New York on 9/11.

The National Hurricane Center’s website states: A few hours later, the eye of the hurricane passed within about 90 n mi east-northeast of Bermuda, which was Erin’s point of closest approach to the island. After brushing Bermuda, the hurricane continued to move mainly toward the north-northwest. On 10 September, Erin began to weaken, however the weakening was slower than usual over the ensuing days, due in part to slightly warmer than normal waters over the western subtropical Atlantic. A series of short-wave troughs weakened the western portion of the Atlantic subtropical ridge. This caused the motion of the hurricane to turn toward the right, with a decrease in forward speed, on the 11th. Erin’s heading veered toward the east-northeast and east on the 12th. Then, a broad, amplifying mid- to upper-level trough over eastern Canada accelerated Erin toward the northeast. The center passed just east of Cape Race, Newfoundland at 0000 UTC, while the system was weakening to just below hurricane strength. Then, Erin lost its tropical characteristics. The extratropical storm accelerated north-northeastward and passed over southern Greenland on 16 September, and merged with high-latitude cyclonic flow over eastern Greenland on the 17th. There were no reports of damage or casualties associated with Erin.

From the Weatherwise Magazine website: Several hundred miles out in the Atlantic, Hurricane Erin—the first Atlantic hurricane of the 2001 season—was weakening as it began to turn toward the north-northeast, away from the East Coast. Though it posed no threat to land, Erin had been producing large swells along local beaches and was one of the main headlines early that morning. In fact, The New York Times weather report on September 11 included a special “Focus” write-up on what it called “Hurricane Day,” explaining how in “9 out of 10 years since 1886, at least one tropical storm or hurricane has raged in the Atlantic on Sept. 11.”

“For those heading to an airport,” the 9/11 Commission report stated, “weather conditions could not have been better for a safe and pleasant journey.” The 8:51 a.m. temperature reading was 68°F at Central Park, 72°F at La Guardia, and 73°F at both JFK and Newark Airports.”

Erin caused no precipitation let alone physical damage to New York. Erin WAS reported in the New York Times weather section so it was NOT ignored in the media. A hurricane spinning out in the Atlantic happens 9 out of 10 years on September 11 so this was routine and hardly worthy of front page headlines. Wood fails to demonstrate HOW the hurricane was used to demolish the WTC buildings. The material on Wood’s website certainly is intended to lead a reader to believe that the hurricane played some role in the events of 9/11 but they DO NOT attempted to explain what that role is. How can we be accused of covering up evidence they don’t even present? One can conclude that they are using the hurricane as a distraction from what really happened to the WTC buildings.

Evidence for Mini-Nukes: Proof of Fission at the WTC

If the Hurricane didn’t have anything to do with the destruction of the WTC buildings then what did? Two government reports and a government IT article shed considerable light on this matter. First we will look at the dust and girder coating samples analyzed in the US Geological Survey report Environmental Studies of the World Trade Center Area After the September 11, 2001 Attack (Open-File Report 01-0429). Judy Wood and Andrew Johnson never make an attempt to explain the data in this report.

Jeff Prager has done extensive work with this data and we will use his analysis to help us understand the findings of this report. Jeff states: It is critical to remember that we follow over a dozen elements across just as many locations and these elements must be viewed as they interact together, not as separate elements. The elements we’re about to examine work together, as we should expect. Thus, one might expect to see the presence of uranium refuted. One might expect to see the presence of strontium or other elements refuted individually. Yet when the elements are studied together as they increase and decrease predictably across a dozen locations the outcome is clear. Fission occurred in NYC on 911.

People might argue that strontium and barium could be found in building debris and they would be correct however strontium and barium could never, under any circumstances, be found as building debris constituents in a demolition in these quantities. The levels never fall below 400ppm for Barium and they never drop below 700ppm for Strontium and they reach over 3000ppm for both of them at WTC01-16, Broadway and John Streets. The Coefficient of Correlation between the concentration of Barium and Strontium at the outdoor and indoor sampling locations is 0.99 to 2 decimal places (0.9897 to 4 decimal places). So we have a Correlation Coefficient between the concentration of Barium and the concentration of Strontium of 0.9897, or near perfect.

The maximum Correlation Coefficient that is mathematically possible is 1.0 and this would mean we have a perfect match between the two factors we’re examining and the data points would lie on a straight line with no variation between them. To obtain a Correlation Coefficient of 0.9897 with this number of measurements (14) around Lower Manhattan is very, very significant indeed.

What this means is that we can say that there’s a 99% correlation in the variation in the concentration between these two elements. They vary in lockstep; they vary together. When one element varies so does the other. We can state with absolute mathematical certainty that any change in the concentration of one of these elements, either the Barium or Strontium, is matched by the same change in the concentration of the other. Whatever process gave rise to the presence of either the Barium or the Strontium must have also produced the other as well. Fission is the only process that explains this.

The graph of Thorium versus Lithium including the Girder Coatings has exactly the same form as the graph showing Thorium versus Uranium, also including the Girder Coatings. Without the two Girder Coatings the correlation of Thorium to Lithium in the dust is completely linear. We therefore have compelling evidence that this fission pathway of Uranium to Thorium and Helium, with subsequent decay of the Helium into Lithium, has indeed taken place.

It is out of the question that all of these correlations which are the signature of a nuclear explosion could have occurred by chance. This is impossible. The presence of rare Trace elements such as Cerium, Yttrium and Lanthanum is enough to raise eyebrows in themselves, let alone in quantities of 50ppm to well over 100ppm. When the quantities then vary widely from place to place but still correlate with each other according to the relationships expected from nuclear fission, it is beyond ALL doubt that the variations in concentration are due to that same common process of nuclear fission. When we also find Barium and Strontium present, in absolutely astronomical concentrations of over 400ppm to over 3000ppm, varying from place to place but varying in lockstep and according to known nuclear relationships, the implications are of the utmost seriousness. Fission occurred in NYC on 911.

Ground Zero Temperatures Elevated for Six Months after 9/11

An article on the Government Computer News website Handheld app eased recovery tasks by Trudy Walsh September 09, 2002 states “Not only was this laborious for the firefighters, but the working conditions were hellish, said Greg Fuchek, vice president of sales for LinksPoint Inc. of Norwalk, Conn. For six months after Sept. 11, the ground temperature varied between 600 degrees Fahrenheit and 1,500 degrees, sometimes higher.

‘In the first few weeks, sometimes when a worker would pull a steel beam from the wreckage, the end of the beam would be dripping molten steel,’ Fuchek said.”

What fire can burn underground for six months? The only process that can explain this is fission. The temperatures stayed elevated until hundreds of dump truck loads of dirt had come and gone from Ground Zero and removed the nuclear material.

Proof of Fusion at the WTC

The next report we will look at is from the U.S. Department of Energy, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (2002) Study of Traces of Tritium at the World Trade Center (UCRL-JC-150445). Tritium is an extremely rare hydrogen isotope. Hydrogen-3 or 3H is known as tritium and contains one proton and two neutrons in its nucleus. It is radioactive, decaying into helium-3 through β− decay with a half-life of 12.32 years. Small amounts of tritium occur naturally because of the interaction of cosmic rays with atmospheric gases. Tritium has also been released during nuclear weapons tests. It is used in thermonuclear fusion weapons, as a tracer in isotope geochemistry, and specialized in self-powered lighting devices. The most common method of producing tritium is by bombarding a natural isotope of lithium, lithium-6, with neutrons in a nuclear reactor. The presence of tritium in large quantities is a telltale sign of a hydrogen bomb.

It is vitally important to correctly interpret the data in the DOE report. So to help us make sense of the DOE data Ed Ward breaks down what is meant by “traces of tritium” in the basement of WTC 6:

1. Trace definition as it applies to quantity: Occurring in extremely small amounts or in quantities less than a standard limit (In the case of tritium, this standard level would be 20 TUs – the high of quoted standard background levels.) http://www.thefreedictionary.com/trace

2. The stated values of tritium from the DOE report “Study of Traces of Tritium at the World Trade Center”. “A water sample from the WTC sewer, collected on 9/13/01, contained 0.164±0.074 (2ó) nCi/L (164 pCi/L +/- 74 pCi/L – takes 1,000 trillionths to = 1 billionth) of HTO. A split water sample, collected on 9/21/01 from the basement of WTC Building 6, contained 3.53±0.17 and 2.83±0.15 nCi/L ( 3,530.0 pCi/L +/- 170 pCi/L and 2,830 pCi/L +/- 150 pCi/L), respectively. https://e-reportsext.llnl.gov/pdf/241096.pdf Pico to Nano converter – http://www.unitconversion.org/prefixes/picos-to-nanos-conversion.html Nano to Pico converter – http://www.unit-conversion.info/metric.html

3. 1 TU = 3.231 pCi/L (trillionths per liter) or 0.003231 nCi/L (billionths per liter) – http://www.hps.org/publicinformation/ate/q2282.html – (My original TU calculations came out to 3.19 pCi/L, but I will gladly accept these referenced minimally higher values. http://www.clayandiron.com/news.jhtml?method=view&news.id=1022)

4. In 2001 normal background levels of Tritium are supposedly around 20 TUs (prior to nuclear testing in the 60′s, normal background tritium water levels were 5 to 10 TUs – http://www.hps.org/publicinformation/ate/q2282.html). However, groundwater studies show a significantly less water concentration: Groundwater age estimation using tritium only provides semi-quantitative, “ball park” values: · <0.8 TU indicates sub modern water (prior to 1950s) · 0.8 to 4 TU indicates a mix of sub modern and modern water · 5 to 15 TU indicates modern water (< 5 to 10 years) · 15 to 30 TU indicates some bomb tritium http://www.grac.org/agedatinggroundwater.pdf  But, instead of “5 to 15 TU” (which would make the increase in background levels even higher), I will use 20 TUs as the 2001 environmental level to give all possible credibility to the lie of “Traces”.

5. Let’s calculate the proven referenced facts. Tritium level confirmed in the DOE report of traces of tritium = 3,530 pCi/L (+/- 170 pCi/L, but we will use the mean of 3,530 pCi/L). 3,530 pCi/L (the referenced lab value) divided by the background level of 20TUs (20 X 3.231 p (1 TU = 3.21 pCi/L) = 64.62 pCi/L as the high normal background/standard level. 3,530 divided by 64.62 pCi/L = 54.63 TIMES THE NORMAL BACKGROUND LEVEL. 3,530 pCi/L divided by 3.231 pCi/L (1 TU) = 1,092.54 TUs.

6. This is my ‘fave’ because lies tend to eat their young. Muon physicist Steven Jones calls 1,000 TUs “The graphs below show that hydrogen-bomb testing boosted tritium levels in rain by several orders of magnitude. (Ref.: http://www.science.uottawa.ca/~eih/ch7/7tritium.htm) – http://www.journalof911studies.com/letters/a/Hard-Evidence-Rebudiates-the-Hypothesis-that-Mini-Nukes-were-used-on-the-wtc-towers-by-steven-jones.pdf Yet, calls the EXACT SAME LEVELS quoted in nCi/L as “Traces” and “These results are well below the levels of concern to human exposure”. http://www.journalof911studies.com/letters/a/Hard-Evidence-Rebudiates-the-Hypothesis-that-Mini-Nukes-were-used-on-the-wtc-towers-by-steven-jones.pdf. Interesting isn’t it.

7. Thomas M. Semkowa, Ronald S. Hafnerc, Pravin P. Parekha, Gordon J. Wozniakd, Douglas K. Hainesa, Liaquat Husaina, Robert L. Rabune. Philip G. Williams and Steven Jones have all called over 1,000 TUs of Tritium, “Traces”. Even at the height of nuclear bomb testing 98% – after thousands of Megatons of nuclear testing – of the rainwater tests were 2,000 TUs or less. https://e-reports-ext.llnl.gov/pdf/241096.pdf

8. It is also important to note that the tritium present was diluted by at least some portion of 1 million liters of water accounting for BILLIONS of TUs.

Ed Ward’s Breakdown of the WTC Rain and Fire Hose Water, 4 Million Gallons of Dilution:  http://groups.yahoo.com/group/EdWard-MD/message/136

WTC 6 = 1 acre (approx.)

WTC site = 16 acres. Rain = 4 million liters. 4/16 = 1/4 of a million liters deposits in WTC 6 in its 40 ft. (depth) by 120 ft. (diameter) crater.

WTC 6 was hot – see thermal images 2nd article on WTC Nukes.

Firemen = 12 million liters. Firemen would mostly be spraying the hot areas.

There are about 5 acres that gradually increase to maybe a total of 6 to 7 acres, but let’s be generous and say they sprayed 8 acres (this will lower the total amount of Tritium Units estimate).

8/16 = 1/2 of 12 million liters = 6 million liters spread over 8 acres = 3/4 of a million liters per acre.

Rain plus Firemen = 1 million liters in WTC 6 in the 40 ft. (depth) by 120 ft. (diameter) crater.

1 liter of the pooled water = 1,106 TUs X 1 million liters of water = 1.1066 BILLION TUs JUST IN WTC 6 (no other places were checked.)

This completely ignores 104 Million Liters (30 Million Gallons) pumped out of the bathtub and the drain water of 51 TUs. 120 million liters X 51 = 6.12 BILLION TUs.

This completely ignores the amount of Tritium in gas form that escapes into the atmosphere and gets massive dispersal.

Conclusions on Tritium

Tritium levels in the basement of WTC 6 were still 55 times greater than background 11 days after 9/11 and a million liters of rain and firehouse water had diluted the samples. Had the samples been collected before it rained twice and the fireman sprayed all of the water they could have potentially been above 6.12 billion TUs. That level would be equivalent to a leaking nuclear power plant (hot fusion). Wood offers no explanation for where the tritium came from. She has a graph in her book that shows the tritium levels were below EPA limits. Wood fails to explain HOW the tritium got there if not for nuclear bombs.

Synopsys of the WTC Mini-Nuke Theory

The basic tenants of the mini-nuke theory are that there were mini-nukes placed in the basements of the Twin Towers and buildings 6 and 7. There were also a series of mini-nukes placed in the core columns of the Twin Towers. The mini-nukes in WTC1 and 2 were configured to detonate from top to bottom to simulate a free fall collapse and to explode upward. This explains what is observed: a series of massive underground explosions precede the destruction of each tower, the buildings are destroyed from the top to bottom and the inside out and debris is ejected upward and outward. 90% of the debris from the Twin Towers destruction lands outside of the buildings’ footprint, destruction proceeds through the path of greatest resistance, 1/3 of the towers are completely vaporized, pyroclastic flow made up of a fine powder of gypsum, cement and steel covers Lower Manhattan.

Stairwell B

The Wood cult promotes the story of the North Tower survivors as proof nukes were not used. From the nymag.com website: Sixteen people survived inside the collapse of the World Trade Center, and they were all in Stairwell B of the North Tower, in the center of the building. The survivors were spread out between floors 22 and 1. A step or two slower meant death, but so, too, did a step or two faster. Captain Jay Jonas and five of his firefighters from Ladder Six, based in Chinatown, had been on the 27th floor of the North Tower when they heard a rumble, felt the staircase sway, watched as the lights flickered off and on. A captain from another company let Jonas know the cause of the disturbance: The South Tower had just collapsed.

“I’m pulling the plug,” Jonas said, and gave the order to evacuate. He didn’t tell his men why; they didn’t know that the South Tower was gone. “For me, that was the scariest point,” said Jonas. “I’m thinking, we’re not going to make it out.”

September 11 overran the usual defenses. Jonas and his men, finally freed from their stairwell, looked around at fires and flattened buildings. They thought they were witnessing a nuclear attack. “We usually show up at a chaotic situation, we make it better and we go home, almost every time,” says Jonas. “In the World Trade Center that really didn’t happen.” Well-disciplined emotions were suddenly impossible to contain.


Wood denies that the buildings exploded. She believes that they somehow just “turned to dust” in a process known as “dustification.” This is patently absurd. The buildings clearly exploded. Below is a YouTube video of a Wood presentation. At 2:00 of the presentation she shows the North Tower EXPLODING and a mushroom cloud rising. And she denies nukes:

The buildings DID NOT TURN TO DUST IN PLACE! Indeed a 300 ton chunk of the North Tower was ejected 600 + feet into the Winter Garden:

300 ton chunk of debris smashes into the Winter Garden

The FEMA debris pattern map demonstrates that the buildings exploded. 90% of the debris landed outside of the buildings’ footprint:GW500H493

Underground explosions precede the destruction of each Tower: wtc1summary01


The Judy Wood bottom line: no explosives, no nukes, no thermite and no need to re-investigate 9/11 because she has already done the investigation. If that isn’t a gatekeeper then what is?

At the WTC the dust and water samples tell the true story of what happened: 9/11 was a nuclear event. There is a reason it’s called Ground Zero folks. The time has come to recognize Judy Wood for what she is: a disinfo agent. She is there merely to confuse and obfuscate. Her group is not interested in free and open debate. They don’t spend any time going after the folks who brought you 9/11. All of their time is spent plugging her book and attacking other researchers. Her purpose is to crush the 9/11 Truth Movement.

To that end they have brought in Pete Santilli to be their new attack dog. Neophyte Pete goes after veteran 9/11 researchers with religious zeal. You can see why he fits right in to Wood’s cult.

Judy Wood has done enough damage to the 9/11 research community.

If you really want to learn what happened on 9/11 get past the gatekeepers and go read the presentations of Jeff Prager, Jim Fetzer, Nick Kollerstrom, Barbara Honegger and Chuck Boldwyn here on my blog. Go read Dr. Ed Ward’s blog. Read the Anonymous Physicist’s blog and the Finnish Military Expert. And while you’re at it watch 9/11 Eyewitness:

26 thoughts on “Dr. Judy Wood: 9/11 Gatekeeper Extraordinaire

      1. Best video I’ve seen of 7 and indeed there is pyroclastic flow, there is still the problem of residual heat. Perhaps like WTC 6 where there is documented proof of tampering with the heat signatures – 1 site showed residual heat at 6 while another site using the same data showed NO residual heat – See Update: The US Government’s Usage of Atomic Bombs – Domestic – WTC

        Based on your cited video, it appears that there was indeed a neutron nuke in 7 too. That would make 1, 2, 6, and 7 – All nuked. Thanks for the link.

      2. Dammit, looks like this is actually the second time a portion of my evidence has been refuted in 7 years. The first was super duper nanothermite BS, which i debunked myself, and now a nuke in 7 – as based on the pyroclastic flow the heat images for 7 most likely were tampered with.

  1. Also, residual ‘fission’, china syndrome, is complete BS, see Cohen quotes. There are other problems with Jeff’s interpretations as noted previously on your wordpress site. That being said, I basically agree with his radioactive ratios and other radiactive assessments, but they are not nearly as strong as the rest of the ‘neutron nuke’ evidence noted in my 3 main articles on nukes in the WTC.

    The US Government’s Usage of Atomic Bombs – Domestic – WTC

    Things really started coming together with Update: The US Government’s Usage of Atomic Bombs – Domestic – WTC

    Update: Proven 9-11 Nukes = US Government Involvement – updated cut links and links to incomplete data. http://edwardmd.wordpress.com/2010/09/06/proven-9-11-nukes-us-government-involvement/

    As always, glad to assist the proof of nukes in the WTCs when needed.

    ’9-11 Fake Video’ Stars – The JSTAR Clones http://www.rense.com/general92/911fk.htm
    Why Covert Ops Must Have ‘Fake’ Video

    No Windows on Flight 175 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jRC4lCQuBmc&feature=related

  2. I had been a little skeptical about Jeff Prager’s excellent efforts being 100% proof of nukes, although I did agree with his insights – this excellent concise post from Jeff swung me over to concur with his insights:

    “We used the Product Moment Correlation Coefficient and the t-test statistic and applied physics, standard known physics and physical chemistry and mathematics, as any scientist, researcher or investigator might. The findings are irrefutable. 911 was a nuclear event.”

    “Because we have 12 locations and dozens of elements to apply the correlations to we can see everything. For example we can see both normal and ternary fission. We can also see, for example, the fissioning process and state that at location “x” we’ll see levels of strontium and barium at “xx” because we know the levels of barium and strontium at locations “a”, “b”, “c”, “d”, “e”, “f”, “g”, “h”, etc (for 11 of the 12 sample locations)”.

    “Dr Christopher Busby has found the same elemental signatures with isotopes in Fallujah, Iraq and Lebanon in craters 20-30 feet across and 5-10 feet deep at center with enriched uranium, strontium, barium and the other related elements. He’s speculated that the device weighs between 20-40kg.” (Busby according to Cohen seems to be rather high on the weight of micro nukes. In 2000, Cohen placed the minimum weight at 30 lbs with a yield of 50 tons – not kilotons. Also, this was based on a Plutonium and it is quite possible they are using Americium now and can be made significantly smaller. With neutron nukes releasing 80% of their power in pure neutron dispersal.)

    “The isotopes don’t matter because uranium is always radioactive and NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVER found at 93Bq/Kg anywhere on earth except at nuclear facilities or where nuclear detonations have taken place.”

    Ed Ward, MD

    1. Jeff and Ed: both of you guys have provided INVALUABLE info on nukes. A few years ago I knew that 9/11 was nuclear due to the pyroclastic flow and how far some of the chunks went but I didn’t have this iron-clad fission and fusion info. No one with a brain can deny nukes any longer.

  3. No Dr wood is not a gatekeeper… her remarkable and indepth research tells the truth of what happened. If there were explosions or nukes that went boom… surely there would have been siesmic activity… for which was non existant! Accusing Dr Wood of being a gatekeeper is to only highlight that you are the gatekeepers!

    1. Marta the bombs used were mini or even more likely micro-nukes. It was a clever arrangement of many small bombs not 3 or 4 big bombs that destroyed the WTC buildings. They were shape charged and configured to explode upward – hence the lack of seismic activity. Wood denies nukes despite the ample evidence of fission and fusion at Ground Zero. There are several posts here on my blog that lay that out. Wood won’t/can’t tell you exactly how it WAS done only that it WASN’T nukes.

      Wood is the very definition of a gatekeeper and needs to be exposed as such.

  4. Dr. Ward makes reference to Dr. Jones as a Muon Scientist in his 2-18 -12 yahoo post. Is this what he means?

  5. Dr. Wood established enough evidence that the government story on the attack is baloney–that is what matters here not technical opinion.

    1. Wood and her cult members have attacked me time and time again so I’m just pointing out what a fraud she is. She’s a gatekeeper working for the government. Wood will never admit nukes and she will never name those responsible for the attacks.

      1. Exactly, Wood (head of the current gov scam) claims its a scientists job to simply look all possibilities (no matter how ludicrous or inane) without evaluating them (complete BS). Yet somehow disregards this BS for nukes – the only thing that fits ALL of the evidence – classic textbook evidence – with NO anomalies.

      2. Click on good ole honest Thomas – goes to a scam link. Note no links at all for other woodhead scammers. Brought to my attention when I tried to connect directly with similar scam artists on my site. Clearly the mark of ‘truthers’ – Not scumbag governmetn covert ops. Note also the the lack of address of the facts of the article – always ignored and on to the next scam BS – again the mark of covert op scumbags. Wake up people. WAKE UP.

  6. Liked the weather report – 68 degrees at central park. That would make the ‘no heat’ 110 to 120 degrees massive pyroclastic flow 40 to 50 degrees hotter than it should have been.

  7. Read “Where did the Towers Go?” please.

    Nukes would have destroyed the BATHTUB beneath the WTC flooding Manhattan. No flooding = no nukes.

  8. dr judy wood offers the most plausible explanation and has the balls to put her version out there. you people are looney tunes man.

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