Jim Fetzer Real Deal Appearance 8/27/12

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Jim and I discussed the destruction of the WTC on his show The Real Deal on 8/27/12.  Below are the notes I had prepared for the show:

1) Do they exist? But the problem is, were they used, and would they show these types of signatures? 

Mini-nukes were being advocated by the Pentagon in 1993: 


2) Nuclear weapons explode, but the towers did not explode. They were pulverized and peeled to the ground, almost like a banana peeling.

 The picture below refutes this point. WTC1 is seen EXPLODING and debris is ejected upward at a 45 degree angle:

The picture below shows the FEMA map of the debris patterns from the buildings. With debris ejected so far away how can anyone deny that the buildings were exploded? These buildings were NOT just converted to dust in place. THEY WERE BLOWN TO KINGDOM COME!

3) Moreover, the site wasn’t “hot”, that is, radioactive.

 All sorts fallout was found at Ground Zero: uranium, thorium, barium, lithium, lanthanum, yttrium, chromium and tritium.

4) The bathtub survived, as has been seen, making it highly unlikely that nukes of any kind were used.  

Yes if a big, undirected nuke had been detonated the bathtub would have been damaged. But a series of smaller nukes with the blast directed UPWARD would not have destroyed the bathtub.

5) Additionally, the Richter reading did not show the use of a nuclear weapon. If a nuke large enough to destroy the WTC had been used, it would have registered a seismic signal greater than if the building had fallen to the ground. What the seimograph showed was that the majority of the WTC did not hit the ground.  

Again if a big nuke would have been planted in the basement of each building there would have been bigger seismic readings. But a series of smaller, directed nukes would not have left a large seismic footprint.

6) Finally, the site showed massive amounts of unburned paper, an impossibility if nuclear weapons had been detonated. The “unburned paper” evidence will be discussed subsequently in conjunction with other factors. 

Mini-nukes destroy everything in a certain radius. Outside of that radius the overpressure and blast wave destroy heavier, denser material like steel and concrete while lighter material like paper blows away. And this is EXACTLY what we saw on 9/11.                                                          

Nukes are known to blast material into VERY small particles and again this is EXACTLY what we saw on 9/11: cement and steel blasted into very fine dust particles. 

And no way can DEWs account for the China Syndrome that went on for 6 months after 9/11 at the WTC. Only nukes can account for this.

The evidence Jim and I covered on this show elimates the official government account, Steve Jones thermite theory and Judy Wood’s DEW non-theory. It’s time to accept that mini-nukes were used to destroy the WTC on 9/11.

3 thoughts on “Jim Fetzer Real Deal Appearance 8/27/12

  1. Mr Fox,
    I’ve been curious about another abnormality that happened on 911. It’s why the clocks stopped at the WTC and the Pentagon. This also happened at the OKC in 1995.

    Do you have any idea why this happened?

    Here’s a youtube of clocks stopping at WTC with a possible explanation ( in the video description).

    Here’s an article that says the clocks stopped at the OKC. 1st paragraph.


  2. Hi, You and Jim, have been doing good work. Thank you!

    Do you have any info. on applying directionality to nuclear explosions? At first blush it seems impossible to the neophyte.

    • Chuck Boldwyn has done a lot of work on directional nuclear blasts. Check out his PDFs here on my blog. Be sure to listen to his archived shows on radiofetzer.blogspot.com as well. My Vancouver presentation also has link to a PDF that talks about using deuterium microbombs for propelling spacecraft. That’s basically directing a nuclear blast to move through space. Most people aren’t aware they can do stuff like that so when confronted with the Twins Towers exploding in every direction they have no idea how that was actually done. It took me 8 years of research to figure it out so I get where you are coming from. 9/11 was a very sophisticated operation but we’re finally starting to put the pieces together.

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