Going Gluten-Free

One of my friends recently turned me on to the benefits of a gluten-free diet. She is a triathlete who had run into some issues with vertigo and lack of energy. She went gluten-free and noticed a huge improvement. Then I heard Dr. Joel Wallach on Alex Jones and he said that even if you don’t have celiac disease you should avoid gluten. Humans aren’t built to digest wheat, barley, rye and oatmeal. So I quit eating oatmeal in the morning and switched to having a 2 egg omelet instead. For lunch processed lunch meat is a no-no so I switched to PB & J sandwiches on gluten-free bread with some gluten-free chips.

A quick word on gluten-free bread: it’s tough and dry for the most part but once you get used it it’s not all that bad. Especially once you start feeling better because you’re not eating whole grain bread anymore. Gluten-free hamburger buns are pretty good – much softer than the bread. Once you open the package be sure to put them in the fridge.

After reducing my gluten intake over the last few weeks I feel noticeably better and my skin is much better. I strongly recommend avoiding gluten if possible. Avoiding gluten can be a challenge because it sneaks its way into things like tortilla shells, croutons, French fries and pasta.

I tried my first gluten-free beer last week: Bard’s. It was $10 for a 6 pack at MGM but I could only drink 5 of them anyway. It didn’t taste like a regular beer but it wasn’t bad. So 10 bucks for a good beer buzz is not all that  bad. I’m going to try several more of the gluten-free beers and post a blog reviewing them in the near future.

I got some chicken sausages last night and they taste pretty good. Throw them on the grill for 20 minutes and be sure to turn them a few times. I got a gluten-free sub roll to go with the sausage. I wrapped that in foil and put it on the grill with the sausage. Nothing says summer time like sausages on the grill. You CAN go gluten-free and still enjoy most of the things you did before like beer and brats; you just need to be a little more selective at the grocery store.

I highly recommend going gluten-free. I’ve noticed that I can run further and faster on the treadmill these last few weeks. I have more energy, improved mental performance and my knees haven’t felt this good in YEARS. I was having a hard time getting up and down the stairs at night after working out but not anymore. My knees and feet feel so much better these last few weeks since I’ve nearly eliminated gluten from my diet.

If you are ready to try out a gluten-free diet, you can check out these websites for some gluten-free cheat sheets: The Mayo Clinic and The Gluten-Free Goddess. Try going gluten-free for a couple of weeks and see how you feel.