9/11 Vancouver Hearings

I am pleased to announce that Professor Jim Fetzer has invited me to speak at the 9/11 Vancouver Hearings on Saturday June 16, 2012. The Vancouver Hearings are an attempt to cover areas that the Toronto Hearings neglected last year and to finally get to the bottom of what really happened on 9/11. Fetzer has rounded up some heavyweight researchers and there will be no punches pulled. Little if any time will be spent on phony hijackers, box cutters, magical passports or any other nonsense from the Official Conspiracy Theory (OCT). Jet fuel fires cannot explain how two 500,000 ton buildings were turned into dust in mid-air and came down at free fall speed with 90% of the debris landing outside of the buildings footprint. Nor can it explain how WTC7 came down at free fall speed in a vacuum even though no plane hit it.

My 40 minute presentation will be covering how WTC1 & 2 were destroyed by mini-nukes. I have come across evidence that a series of 35 very small thermonuclear devices were planted in each tower and detonated in sequence from the top down to simulate a free fall collapse. Larger nukes were planted in the basements to take out the building’s foundations. Speaking before me on Saturday are Chuck Boldwyn and Jeff Prager who will also be making the case for mini-nukes.

Chuck has been featured 15 times on Fetzer’s radio show The Real Deal. Chuck has an extensive background in chemistry, math and physics. I’ve listened to the podcasts of each of Chuck’s shows at least twice. The man is a wealth of information and you won’t want to miss Chuck’s presentation.

Jeff Prager has spent over 15,000 hours researching 9/11 and he makes a convincing case of fusion AND fission reactions taking place at Ground Zero. While he is not a physicist, Jeff has spent countless hours reading the latest research from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Oak Ridge, Sandia, military sites, the Federal Reserve, the SEC, UC Davis Delta Group, Jet Propulsion Lab and the Department Of Energy. Jeff is a walking encyclopedia of 9/11.

Clare Kuehn will make the case for the use of a directed energy weapon (DEW) on 9/11. I do not subscribe to the DEW theory but I still would not miss Clare’s presentation. Clare has studied 9/11 extensively and she is a highly skilled debater; we have gone back and forth many times on this subject. Clare sticks to her guns and she isn’t backing down from ANYONE!! Clare has also appeared on the Real Deal with Jim a couple of times. It’s well worth your time to go to the archives and download the podcasts of those shows.

Others making presentations will be Nick Kollerstrom, Dwain Deets, Christopher Holmes, Dennis Cimino, Kevin Barrett, Alan Sabrosky,  John McCarthy, James Tracy, Anthony Hall and of course the presenters Joshua Blakeney and Jim Fetzer.

It’s highly unlikely that those responsible for 9/11 will ever come forward and give a full accounting of their actions. It’s just as unlikely that another government investigation will yield any answers either. The Toronto hearings were flawed in that they tried to sell us on the idea that nanothermite alone could cause two 500,000 ton skyscrapers to turn into dust in roughly 10 seconds each. With these thoughts in mind then the Vancouver Hearings maybe the most thorough and in-depth accounting of what really happened on 9/11 that has ever been and may ever be presented to the public.

The Vancouver Hearings will be historic. So if you can get to Vancouver you do not want to miss this one folks. If you can’t be there in person then consider making a donation to help cover the costs involved in bringing this information to the public.