You Say You Want a Revolution?

The Revolution has begun. People are starting to figure out who the criminals are that are responsible for the financial nightmare. Protestors are showing up at The Federal Reserve branches, at Wall Street and financial districts around the country. The jig is up for the banksters. While it’s great people are finally targeting the real enemy, a list of demands are needed or this could all be for naught. In the spirit of Keep It Simple Stupid I submit the following demands:

1. Forgive all Student Loans. Student loan debt has surpassed 1 trillion dollars. This is a crushing burden on young people and a big reason that the housing and automobile markets are in such a funk. Young Americans can’t even think about buying a house or car because they are paying everything to the banksters.

2. Enact a 1% Sales Tax on Wall Street (Tobin Tax). Everyday Americans pay sales tax, the banksters can too. This will raise trillions of dollars and this money can be used to pay off the student loans and balance the federal and state budgets. The banksters that caused the depression should pay for it.

3. Mortgage foreclosure moratorium. This should last for 5 years or the duration of the crisis – whichever is longer.

4. Re-enact the Glass-Steagall Act of 1932. This will stop the hedge fund and derivatives vultures from infecting commercial banking. Had the Glass-Steagall Act never been repealed we wouldn’t be in this mess – the Wall Street bailouts wouldn’t have been necessary. This country did just fine without derivatives.

5. End The Fed. Congress should regain the power to print and coin money as spelled out in the Constitution. The government should not have to pay interest to a private banking cartel just to create the money supply. The debt-based financial system has been a complete failure for 99.9% of the population. The Federal Reserve needs to go. Now.

These measures would go a long way towards righting the ship and keeping our country from descending into the Abyss.