Cornucopians vs. Neo-Malthusians

This blog is based on Webster Tarpley’s video on Prison Planet.tv “The Elite’s Plan for Global Extermination.” If you are a Prison Planet.tv member you can see the video there or you can watch it on YouTube.

Tarpley breaks down White House Science Czar John P. Holdren’s textbook Ecoscience. Holdren describes himself as a “Neo-Malthusian.” Malthusians believe that over population is the main problem facing humanity. Their answer to end or prevent further human suffering is to exterminate 75% (or more) of the public. Thomas Malthus (February 14, 1766 – December 29, 1834) rejected the notion that agricultural improvements could continue without limit and that eventually humanity would be unable to feed everyone and there would be mass starvation.

Holdren shares these views and has stated that he detests the “moonshot mentality” that Americans have: that problems can be solved with enough ingenuity and hard work. People that share this outlook are called Cornucopians by Holdren. This is the way humans have existed and thrived for thousands of years but Holdren doesn’t believe that humanity can grow out of a crisis. Holdren also calls for limiting science and technology as they are a threat to the existing social order. To enforce this he proposes enacting a science court to limit technological growth. By limiting science and technology you then have a self-fulfilling prophecy: there is no way to improve so an increasing population WILL then cause great suffering.

Holdren believes that that optimum carrying capacity of the earth is 1 billion people so the population needs to be reduced by 5 billion. To achieve the population reduction, Holdren calls for “triaging” countries like India and Bangladesh and cut them off from credit and resources. Economic development must be stopped. The developed countries must be de-developed and the undeveloped 3rd World must not be allowed to develop in the first place. Holdren advocates a return to preindustrial civilization.

To achieve all of this Holdren proposes a Planetary Regime (One World Government) to determine the optimum population, rule over the air, soil and oceans Global Commons. The Planetary Regime would enact population laws to regulate the size of the family. This nightmare would look something like China does today: forced sterilization, compulsory abortion and birth licenses. No free education for more than 2 kids. Seize babies from single mothers who obviously can’t care for them.

While the Malthusians contend that over population and industrial pollution are the biggest problems, the actual problems are under production, poverty, disease, malnutrition and GREED. Everyone would have enough to eat if the wars and the greed were stopped. If the 3rd World was allowed to industrialize their birth rates would stabilize and their living standards would improve. In the United States deindustrialization has destroyed the middle class. Deindustrialization started in earnest when Federal Reserve chairman Paul Volker raised interest rates to 22% which killed the industrial base as it was designed to do. When you factor in hourly wages, increased medical costs, working 6 weeks more per year and longer commutes the average US worker’s standard of living has been reduced 66% since 1967.

Rule of the few is oligarchy. According to David Rothkopf there are 6,000 oligarchs who make all the decisions on the planet that matter. These inbred, psychotic ruling oligarchs perpetuate the fallacy that the mass of people are inferior and they are determined to exterminate humans. They believe that they are a superior race and they will develop life extension technologies which must never be made available to the general public. They want a slave population of around 500 million or a billion at most to do the remaining tasks that they can’t automate. Their vision of society is the oligarchs living in castles and everyone else living in a mud hut on the brink of starvation; a return to feudalism.

The oligarchs stay behind the scenes for the most part. They know that their agenda would be met with all-out resistance if it were completely divulged. There is a level of rulers that sits above the visible national leaders. Winston Churchill referred to them as the “High Cabal.” They control the large financial institutions such as the Federal Reserve and the European Central Bank. They control the issuance of currency and credit which allows them to buy up the other large corporations. They control all of the institutions of society but the main power flows from control of the central banks.

The oligarchs will not magically come to their senses one day and have a change of heart. They are bound and determined to kill most of us. They must be defeated. The real war isn’t with Al Qaeda, or Muslim Extremists, or communists or whatever boogey man they conjure up this week. The real war is humanity vs. the oligarchs.

Paul is Dead

Faux Paul?

When I was growing up I was not a huge  Beatles fan. As a kid I got stuck listening to the lame country music that my  parents were into. When I was about 13 I heard AC/DC and that changed my life.  Then I started getting into hard rock and heavy metal. Pop and country didn’t  do much for me. I was born in 1968 so by the time I was a teenager in the early 80s Beatlemania had pretty much died down. I didn’t pay much attention to all  of The Beatles minutiae. I didn’t hate The Beatles but they were on the periphery of my world.

However I had a Beatles tune in my head the other day: The End from the Abbey Road album. I was digging the guitar solos in the middle. I started tooling around Google and I stumbled on to all of this Paul is Dead (PID) business. What do you mean Paul McCartney is dead? Everybody knows that Paul and Ringo are the only surviving members of The Beatles. Paul has had a long and mostly successful solo career and he’s selling out baseball stadiums this summer. The Twins even tried to get him to play Target Field but he couldn’t do it because of a scheduling conflict. Surely a Dead Man doesn’t play baseball stadiums. Or does he?

I figured it would take about 10 minutes on Google to prove that Paul McCartney is in fact Paul McCartney. Except I found this article from Wired Magazine in Italy: Forensic
science proves Paul was replaced
. Gabriella Carlesi is a forensic scientist and she proves that Paul McCartney was replaced in late 1966. They got two sets of photos: pre and post 66. The pre 66 pictures match perfectly with each other and the post 66 pictures also match perfectly with each other. However the pre and post 66 pictures do NOT match. If you look closely at the pictures it is rather obvious that they are
different people. The real Paul McCartney’s face is rounder and smaller than the
current edition of Paul (Faul). Paul’s mouth is also noticeably smaller than
Faul’s. The ears are also different. WOW! Who’d a thunk it?!?!

Wouldn’t anyone notice if Paul McCartney was replaced?!?! HELLO!! The Beatles “were more popular than Jesus Christ” to quote John Lennon. Apparently a lot of people did notice: there were plenty of rumors going around starting in the fall of 1969 that Paul had died and was replaced. There are plenty of PID websites out there.

I may not be a forensic scientist but now that we have YouTube it’s easy enough to jump in the Time Machine and see for ourselves if in fact that’s the real Paul McCartney up on stage these days. Check out this David Frost interview from 1965 with the real Paul McCartney and compare it to this 1967 Faul interview. Faul is a complete joke. That hairdo is laughable. It’s not even CLOSE to the real Paul McCartney. Get a load of this interview with David Letterman from 2009. HA! He still doesn’t know much
about early Beatles history and in fact even admits that “people know my
history much better than I do.” You’d think after 43 years of playing a role
you’d get some of these details down Faul…

The clincher is of course is seeing The Real Paul McCartney live on stage. Check out Twist and Shout from Shea Stadium in 1965 – incredible. It’s easy to see why The Beatles were such a phenomenon. The energy, the rhythm, the melodies and harmonies are all there – an extremely tight performance. Not to mention all the screaming and crying girls just losing it. Compare that to the only “live” appearance with Faul – the rooftop deal in January 1969. Faul looks nothing like Paul onstage. He’s taller, thicker body, has a beard and moves nothing like the original. Of course nobody a got a very good look at this farce from street level.

This leaves us with a bunch of  unanswered questions. So why was the original Paul replaced? He obviously died but how? Was it a car crash? Was he wacked? Why did everyone go along with it? Were people paid off or intimidated? Obviously our watch dog mainstream media didn’t do much digging into this deal. Why would the media participate in the cover-up? Well, when I see all of the mainstream media asleep on an issue that usually indicates the involvement of one or more intelligence agencies. Are the alphabet soup agencies replacing people on a regular basis?

All I know is that the real James Paul McCartney probably died in September 1966 and that the individual using his name on stage now is a total fraud and a phony. And if you think you are irreplaceable you better think again. If they can replace Paul McCartney at the peak of Beatlemania they can replace you….