In Memory of Chad Michael Peterson

The sad news just reached me that Chad Peterson an old friend from childhood passed away last fall. He grew up down the block from us and I remember when they brought him home from the hospital. That was August of 1974 – I was 6 then. In those days I would go over to their house to play wiffle ball with Chad’s older brother Eric. Their father Don would usually pitch to us and we would swing away with our plastic bats as hard as we could. I remember a couple of those games degenerated into me and Eric bashing the plastic bats upside each other’s heads…

 I always saw Chad as a little brother. He used to crawl up in the window and watch me and Eric running around in the yard. He was still in diapers and too young to join in the fun and games but he didn’t want to be left out. He would hear the commotion and naturally he wanted to be a part of it. Eventually he got big enough to where he could take part in the numerous pickup baseball, basketball and football games that were always going on in the neighborhood. Of course we picked on him because he was the youngest of our group.

That came to an end about 1989 or so when he got a lot bigger than I was. He thought he was finally going to show me who’s the boss. We had a pretty good wrestling match at his brother Eric’s place and one us of almost went through a wall at which point Eric tossed us out of the house. I believe there was a pretty good party going on that night.

Once Chad got out in the working world he hit his stride. He gained a lot of confidence once he started earning paychecks. He was always a hard worker just like his father and brothers were. He did a stint at Pizza Hut in the early 1990s before moving on to BMW where he worked for the last 17 years. Chad was a social animal and he had a lot of friends. He was always there for his brothers Eric and Chris and his mother Rita. He used to babysit Eric’s kids: his nephew Blake and niece Samantha.

I haven’t been in touch with those guys in awhile and unfortunately I never will see Chad again. Chad was just 36 when he passed which was far too young. Our condolences go out to the Peterson family for their tremendous loss.