In Memory of Chad Michael Peterson

The sad news just reached me that Chad Peterson an old friend from childhood passed away last fall. He grew up down the block from us and I remember when they brought him home from the hospital. That was August of 1974 – I was 6 then. In those days I would go over to their house to play wiffle ball with Chad’s older brother Eric. Their father Don would usually pitch to us and we would swing away with our plastic bats as hard as we could. I remember a couple of those games degenerated into me and Eric bashing the plastic bats upside each other’s heads…

 I always saw Chad as a little brother. He used to crawl up in the window and watch me and Eric running around in the yard. He was still in diapers and too young to join in the fun and games but he didn’t want to be left out. He would hear the commotion and naturally he wanted to be a part of it. Eventually he got big enough to where he could take part in the numerous pickup baseball, basketball and football games that were always going on in the neighborhood. Of course we picked on him because he was the youngest of our group.

That came to an end about 1989 or so when he got a lot bigger than I was. He thought he was finally going to show me who’s the boss. We had a pretty good wrestling match at his brother Eric’s place and one us of almost went through a wall at which point Eric tossed us out of the house. I believe there was a pretty good party going on that night.

Once Chad got out in the working world he hit his stride. He gained a lot of confidence once he started earning paychecks. He was always a hard worker just like his father and brothers were. He did a stint at Pizza Hut in the early 1990s before moving on to BMW where he worked for the last 17 years. Chad was a social animal and he had a lot of friends. He was always there for his brothers Eric and Chris and his mother Rita. He used to babysit Eric’s kids: his nephew Blake and niece Samantha.

I haven’t been in touch with those guys in awhile and unfortunately I never will see Chad again. Chad was just 36 when he passed which was far too young. Our condolences go out to the Peterson family for their tremendous loss.

Draft Ryan Mallett

The Minnesota Vikings have the 12th pick in the upcoming NFL Draft. They also have a dire need at the QB position. The Packers have Aaron Rodgers and the Bears have Jay Cutler. The NFC North is loaded at the QB position. The Vikings NEED TO GET A REAL QB FOR A CHANGE! I’m tired of taking lower round QB suspects and hoping they somehow pan out. The game has changed to the point now where you just can’t win consistently without a stud QB. Yes it’s nice to have a great defense and running game and special teams and all that but it won’t win a Super Bowl for you. The 2006 Chicago Bears are proof positive of that. That’s why they had to give up the farm to get Jay Cutler. Even Jerry Angelo and Lovie Smith have figured out you need a REAL QB to win the big one.

Ted Thompson in Green Bay drafted Aaron Rodgers in 2005 because Favre was getting old and he didn’t want to be sitting there in small market Green Bay without a QB. That turned out to be a very shrewd move and they won Super Bowl XLV as a result. Rodgers was projected to go 1 or 2 that year but slid down to the Packers at 24. A lot of QB starved teams passed on him like the Dolphins, Bears and Browns. The Vikings passed on him twice that year (we already had Culpepper) opting instead to take fliers on Troy Williamson and Erasmus James neither of whom amounted to anything. In James’ defense he didn’t look too bad before he blew his knee out. Williamson was just a stiff.

The best QB prospect in this draft class is Ryan Mallett. He’s a big kid with a phenomenal arm. You can’t coach 6-7 238. He’s got the best arm in the draft. He throws a great deep ball and puts touch on the shorter throws. Some analysts on the internet state that the 2 biggest stats for a QB prospect are starts and completion percentage. The thought being that his college coaches know him best and if they start him then he must give the team the best chance to win. The other thought is if you can’t complete passes in college then no way you will be able to complete them in the NFL. Mallett started a lot of games and completed a lot passes and threw a ton of touchdowns.

Joe Nelson at has a great blog about Ryan Mallett : Big Risk, Big Reward with Ryan Mallett. Nelson hits the nail on the head: There is far too much anti-Ryan Mallett talk in this country… .. My bottom line points to the production, and nobody produced more than Mallett. Just check out these comparisons to current NFL studs’ college statistics over their final two-years. 

Ryan Mallett: 62 TD, 19 INT, 60 % accuracy.

Drew Brees: 51 TD, 24 INT, 60 % accuracy.

Peyton Manning: 57 TD, 23 INT, 61 % accuracy.

Philip Rivers: 54 TD, 17 INT, 66 % accuracy.

Aaron Rodgers: 43 TD, 13 INT, 63 % accuracy.

Ben Roethlisberger: 59 TD, 21 INT, 66 % accuracy. 

Now compare Mallett to the other top QB prospects in this draft. I didn’t include Cam Newton because he started for only one year.  

Ryan Mallett: 62 TD, 19 INT, 60 % accuracy.

Blaine Gabbert: 40 TD, 18 INT, 60 % accuracy.

Jake Locker: 38 TD, 20 INT, 57 % accuracy.

Christian Ponder: 34 TD, 15 INT, 64 % accuracy.

So Mallett threw 5 more TDs his in his last 2 years in college than Peyton Manning. PEYTON MANNING! Compared to the other QBs in this draft it’s not even close. He’s thrown 22 more TDs than Blaine Gabbert. I saw Mallett play in the Sugar Bowl and the kid can throw the ball. He puts it right in there. The receivers dropped a few they should have caught but he still had 2 TDs in that game. At the combine he threw circles around the rest of those “prospects.”

Mallett gets slammed for doing drugs in college? What a college kid smoking pot?!? No, we can’t have that!! He has an attitude problem. Is he a jerk? Of course he’s a jerk. This just in: THEY ARE ALL JERKS!! But you might as well get the Jerk with the best arm while you are at it! As far as I am concerned it’s all about production. Mallett is the top producing QB in this draft class. It’s no reach to draft him at 12. A lot of these “Draft Experts” have Mallett going in the 2nd round. That’s ridiculous. I’m sure some GM will pull the trigger on him before Round 2 starts. And there is a lot of “Locker Talk” associated with my beloved Purple lately. Good God NO!! Jake Locker is NOT an NFL QB!

Aaron Rodgers tore up the NFL at the end of last year. I don’t care how good your defense is, he is going to score points on you. You have to fight fire with fire. Mallett put up better numbers than Rodgers in college. He may very well do it in the NFL as well. If I were Rick Spielman I wouldn’t mess around: draft Mallett at 12.