Political Primer

Welcome readers! I am going to be commenting on current events and politics in future posts but I think that first some background and definition of terms is in order. According to dictionary.com: Politics is defined as: 1. The science or art of political government. 2. The practice or profession of conducting political affairs. Typically people think of politics as something that politicians practice and that politics is mostly contained in state and federal legislatures. Sure politicians get on television or radio and even the internet now to campaign or get their position on pending legislation before the public. A lot of people think of themselves as non-political in that they don’t closely follow politics and reason that the political process is “boring” and if they ignore the whole thing it will leave them alone. However one ignores the doings of the state at one’s own peril. The reality is that politics is everywhere.

What politics really boils down to is who gets what. How are scarce resources allocated? Is wealth evenly distributed amongst societies members or is most of it concentrated in the hands of a very few? If wealth is concentrated at the top of the food chain does that distort the political process? A quick search on Google reveals that wealth is indeed highly concentrated in the United States. The top 10% of US families control 71% of the wealth. The wealthiest 1% of families owns 34.3% of the nation’s net worth. The bottom 40% of the population owns 0.2% of the wealth.

Some folks believe that those with vast wealth do not use their resources to their advantage and that by and large the political process in the US is free from corruption. I heartily disagree with both of the previous assertions and in future posts I will dive into how corrupt this country has become. The elites have worked hard to gain and maintain control of their wealth. Of course the elites pursue policies that benefit themselves at the expense of the mass of the population. Wealth is being redistributed from the lower classes to the ruling class. This has been going on for a long time and certainly shows no signs of slowing down. In fact the disparity between rich and poor has never been greater in the US and the situation is only getting worse.

Once you realize that a very small number of people control most of the wealth and make most of the decisions you can then understand how the world around you actually works. Indeed David Rothkopf in his book Superclass states that about 5,000 people set most of the policies in governments and corporations FOR THE ENTIRE WORLD! Rothkopf asserts that the power of politicians has diminished and that business, finance and defense industry leaders now dominate and move freely between governmental and private positions. My own opinion is that this really isn’t a new phenomenon but it is more noticeable now with the internet and other news sources dispensing this information.

With this backdrop in mind I am going to post my analysis of major events such as the JFK assassination, the Vietnam War, the Gulf Wars and of course 9/11 in the near future. I will break things down in my own style and in a way that most folks should have no trouble understanding.